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Sunday, August 30, 2015

no truth in the rumour

There is no truth in the rumour that IRA white collar gangster banker Sean Fitzpatrick who burglarised his own IRA bank, styled Anglo Irish Bank, on behalf of the IRA by giving billion dollar loans to himself, billion dollar loans to his fellow IRA bank board colleague David Drumm (now hiding in Boston having fled Ireland using IRA ratlines into the United States) and yet more billion dollar loans to IRA proxie Sean Quinn posing as a businessman, and then got a corrupt government minister called Brian Lenihan (now conveniently dead) to sign up the Irish people to pay the IRA's thirty thousand billion dollar debts to its own bank, while the IRA laundered this very money which they had stolen through ye aforementioned fake bank loans, into Russia, is to be played by Mel Brooks in a film version of his life entitled History Of The Turds Part One, with the sensation scene in the film featuring Sean Fitzpatrick dressed as King Louis the 14th of France having just had his trial for bankrupting Ireland on behalf of the IRA, postponed yet again this time by IRA mafioso Judge Michael Moriarty in the High Court on the pretext that since IRA capo Sean Fitzpatrick is so blatently guilty it will be impossible for him to get a fair trial until the Irish people have forgotten what he did, I kid you not, turning to the camera and addressing you the audience directly with the words: "It's good to be in the Rah."


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