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Thursday, August 13, 2015

traitors to ireland to the law and to all humanity

An Irish Jury has refused to convict Saverio Bellante for his murder of Tom O'Gorman.
Bellante violated Mr O'Gorman in ways that our media have remained coy about describing.
At some stage during or after the murder, Saverio Bellante ate organs from Mr O'Gorman's body.
The Irish Jury who tried Saverio Bellante are traitors to humanity.
They have pronounced Saverio Bellante innocent of the murder he committed, and have declared his innocence is vouchsafed by a supposed schizophrenic condition he pretends to exhibit.
There is no justice here.
There is no excuse for this.
Psychiatrist Damian Moylan helped Saverio Bellante receive his get out of jail free card by endorsing the convenient notion of his schizophrenia.
In a further obscenity, Damian Moylan claimed that Saverio Bellante now realises his actions were wrong.
We should force Moylan to spend a few nights in the cells alone with Bellante to give him a chance to assess how genuinely remorseful the ruthless murderer is.
Yet another traitor to humanity in this cornucopia of courtroom traitors emerges in the form of Judge Margaret Heneghan who presided over this sham trial and accorded Saverio Bellante the formal non sentence of remand to a psychiatric care facility where he will shortly be declared cured and released.
I say it again.
Tom O'Gorman was murdered by Saverio Bellante.
And the Law itself was murdered by this Jury who have rendered themselves effectively Saverio Bellante's accomplices in the murder he committed.
Truth was murdered by Damian Moylan and other psychiatrists, in facilitating with pseudo Oprah Winfrey style doctor feely good medicalese, Saverio Bellante's claim to be not responsible for his actions when he kills and eats people.
Freedom was murdered by Judge Margaret Heneghan who has left us all prey to the cults and covens of satanic killers who stalk our society with increasing impunity.
This cannot go on.
We have to stop this.
Saverio Bellante murdered Tom O'Gorman.
But the real crime happened after.


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