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Saturday, November 14, 2015

today they said

(in the aftermath of the muslim attack on Paris)

Pope Francis: "This is not human,"

James Healy: "Those people are actually human. And they are here Frank because you caused the collapse of immigration law in Europe last year through your appeals for compassion towards refugees made during your visits to the refugee camp at Lampedusa. This is your work Franky baby. How about letting the real Pope have his job back?"

President Recip Teyap Erdogan of Turkey: "This is an attack on all of us."

James Healy: "No. It's an attack on us by Islamists like yourself Mr Erdogan. It is an attack on the Free World not Turkey. It is an attack by Al Qaeda's Isis franchise, which you Turks have trained, supplied, financed, and succoured every step of the way. You've allowed them free access to manoeuvre and resupply on Turkish territory. You have been complicit with them every step of the way in your eagerness to destroy the Kurds whom Isis are targetting. But even if today you are anxious to pretend to be opposed to Isis why not stop purchasing their oil to being with."

President Francois Hollande of France: "This is an act of war. We will fight this war pitilessly."

James Healy: "Words are cheap Francois. You need to stop aborting unborn babies. You need to stop dealing abortion pills to the world. You need to stop euthanising the elderly. You need to repent of your fornications with your various mistresses. You need to go to church. And then you need to get up off your fat arse and lead us."


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