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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

obscenities 2

(More obscenities in the wake of the latest Muslim attacks on Paris)

Obscenity 1. It's been revealed by the Irish Independent newspaper (no friends of mine) that the organiser of Al Qaeda's Isis franchise in Ireland has been allowed to stay in our country. The government attempted to deport him through ministerial order but an unnamed Judge in our court system ruled that the Muslim psycho killer could stay in Ireland on the grounds that he had already fathered a child here. This even after the Isis kidnappings of Yazidi, Iraqi and Christian children for sex slavery, torture and murder.

Obscenity 2. Showboating Muslim leaders pictured with Ireland's maoist atheistic abortionist President Michael D Higgins after the Paris bombings pretending to sympathise with the French. It's a toss up what's the more obscene. The Muslims pretending to sympathise over jihad or the maoist Higgins preening as the President of a democratic country.

Obscenity 3. The British have arrested a woman who wrote on her website that she would no longer serve Muslims in her beauty shop. They're not arresting Jihadis mind. They're inventing laws in order to arrest citizens for daring to speak our mind. Cowering in fear to Muslims is expected to remain legal though. It may even become compulsory.

Obscenity 4. Something styled Sheikh Halawa, head of the Muslim Brotherhood in Ireland, yet another Al Qaeda franchise, is still organising international Jihad from something styled the Clonskeagh Mosque in Dublin. The Irish government on foot of representations from left wing journalist Mary Fitzgerald has been using my money to try and get Halawa's son Snodgrass released from jail in Egypt where he was arrested a few years ago on Jihad tourism.

Obscenity 5. The revelation that French security had been following various Jihadis who took part in the Paris attacks.


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