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Saturday, November 14, 2015


This is what should have happened...
We should have woken up this morning to the news that the French had levelled Raqaa, that it was gone, that it was an ex caliphate. When Amnesty International shrieked "oh the humanity," President Francois Hollande should have replied: "Allez vous faire foutre  Musulmanes batardes. (Go f--- yourself you Muslim b-----ds."
All European governments should then have announced the end of funding to the Palestinian terrorist statelet.
All European governments should have announced the immediate expulsion of known Jihadis.
By midday we should have seen footage of the first mass expulsions from France of all Jihadis who had been under surveilance. If they were known Jihadis under suveilance that should have been enough reason to stop them living among us. All of them. They should have been gone by midday today.
By evening the Germans should have dismissed Chancellor Merkel whose free entry policy to Europe for Muslims had facilitated the latest Jihad murders in Paris and other Jihad attacks.
By nightfall the Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny should have announced the recall of the Irish navy from the Mediterranean where it has been shipping Jihadis from Libya into Europe.

Here's what actually happened...
An awful lot of hand wringing.
Oh and late in the evening a French high speed train derailed with ten dead.
I would suggest the derailed train is more Jihad.
The irony is screaming.

Delenda est Jihadis


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