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Monday, November 02, 2015

live feed from the sinn fein polical conference in dublin

The hall is packed.
The members of Sinn Fein are packing. (Not luggage.)
An innovative touch has been provided with the presence as a warm up act on stage of British musician James Blunt who is singing his most famous song.
James Blunt sings:

"And it seems to me
That we'll always be
Rehashing accusations... from a riot in Belfast...
In 1973
Singing here we go again
And no matter how many bodies we hide in the ditch
We'll make Ireland our slap up bitch
We aint never gonna switch
Singing here we go again
And no matter who we drug or rape
We kill human beings like crushing grapes
It's all such a merry jape
Singing here we go again
And as we're hiding bodies beneath the old bog tree
You can still be sure we'll always be
Distracting you with allegations about the British ar-m-y
Dating from our riots in Belfast in nine-te-e-en sev-en-ty three"

For the first time in my life I begin to think James Blunt has something.


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