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Wednesday, December 02, 2015

the bitch 3

A quiet moment.
There is a tradition in the Catholic Church that every human being has a guardian angel.
I turn to my guardian angel and address him in an accusatory tone.
"Why didn't you warn me I was about to crash the car into a gate post? I mean that's your job isn't it? What on earth were you doing? Some supernatural being mandated by heaven to protect me, you are."
I can almost hear him answer: "When you're full of hate, you won't even hear if an angel calls you."
This gives me pause.
"Am I full of hate when I talk about people who used to work with me in the Leinster Leader?" I ask.
There is a silence.
"Heelers," sez the angel finally, "when you talk about those bitches, there's no reasoning with you."


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