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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

ireland under the nazis

Fine Gael and the Labour Party in government...

1. Fine Gael's solution to Ireland's off the scale suicide rate... Fine Gael is seeking to abolish the concept of suicide from the coroner's courts. This would mean that coroners would not be permitted to conclude that someone had committed suicide. Under new legislation coroner courts would be restricted to describing medical causes of death. As far as the Gaelers are concerned, by abolishing the concept of suicide, the problem of suicide has been solved. It will be invisible. The perfect blagg.

2. Fine Gael's solution to drug use... Fine Gael is establishing injection centres for addicts which will effectively legalise drug use. By abolishing the concept of criminality, the Gaelers think they're dealing with the heroin epidemic.

3. Fine Gael's solution to teen hoodlums (foot soldiers for Ireland's IRA and associated mafias).... Fine Gael have passed legislation closing the major prison facility dealing with thugs aged from sixteen to twenty. By abolishing the prison, the Gaelers think they're dealing with crime.

4. Fine Gael's pre election promise not to legalise abortion... Fine Gael has legalised abortion. By abolishing the concept of the sanctity of life, the Gaelers think they're being all round humanitarians.


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