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Friday, January 15, 2016

constantinople plus five hundred years equals america, canada, britain, ireland, europe, australia and new zealand, now

Even as President Barack Obama insisted in his State of the Union speech on Tuesday that there was no existential threat to the world from international terrorism, the Iranians seized two US navy boats each containing five US navy personnel in the Persian Gulf.
In the same few days either side of the State of the Union speech, Jihadis were machine gunning crowds in a bar in Canada, Muslim suicide bombers killed nine German tourists in Turkey, and yet more Muslim suicide bombers were self detonating in a Starbucks Cafe in Indonesia.
This is the new normal which President Obama doesn't want to admit is real.
Meanwhile European newspaper and television reportage of the coordinated Muslim rape attacks across Europe on New Year's Eve, reportage which initially denied any coordinated Muslim rape attacks took place at all, has now reverted to emphasising the maleness of the rape gangs as opposed to their Muslim-ness, and to suggesting falsely that the only ones who are opposed to German Chancellor Angela Merkel's policy of flinging open the gates of Europe to Muslim immigrants, are extreme right wingers.
Nine German tourists murdered this week by the Jihadis, remember.
Appeasement does not work.
This is why Constantinople fell to the Turks five centuries ago folks.
We are being led by donkeys.
And the donkeys are married to the delusions of a collapsing bankrupt media pseudo elite.
It took Muslim invaders only a couple of years to turn the richest country in Christendom into the hell hole that is Turkey, ie just another Muslim hell hole.
It's happening again. Now. Here.
I was watching President Obama's speech as he declared in fine declamatory tones there was no existential threat to America and at precisely that moment the information ticker on the bottom of the screen reported the Iranian seizure of two American naval vessels and their crews.
The Iranian seizure of Americans was a calculated insult to America and to the Free World.
As per usual, the Iranians paraded their captives on television.
The footage included a captured American officer thanking the Iranians profusely and insisting that the incident was America's fault.
Gordon of Khartoum he ain't.
Barack will probably promote him to Major General.
We are losing this war.


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