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Monday, January 11, 2016

considerations regarding pope francis

1. In February 2013 Pope Benedict "resigned." I am suggesting he may have been systematically pressurised into this resignation by certain factioneering parties within and without the Catholic Church who coveted his position.

2. One of the primary methods used to orchestrate pressure upon Pope Benedict to resign was the systematic leaking of his private documents to a newspaper in 2012.

3. The leaking of Pope Benedict's private documents was carried out by among others his valet Paolo Gabriele. The valet's motives have never been made clear. I am suggesting he had been induced into a compromising liaison by a professional seductress with links to the journalist he was leaking documents to.

4. Paolo Gabriele leaked Pope Benedict's private documents to a newspaper contributor called Gianluigi Nuzzi.

5. Gianluigi Nuzzi is an associate of Francesca Chaouqui, a professional lobbyist with a reputation as early as 2010, stemming from her own internet postings, as a sexually louche libertine.

6. Pope Benedict was succeeded in office by Pope Francis whose accession to power I am suggesting was a coup d'etat in the Vatican.

7. Following Pope Francis' accession to power, and at a time when there was clear public evidence through newspaper reports and internet postings, of Francesca Chaouqui's sexual proclivities, her connection to the journalist Gianluigi Natuzza, and hence her possible connection to what I'm saying was the ouster of Pope Benedict, Pope Francis appointed Francesca Chaouqui to a high powered Vatican Audit Commission established by himself with sweeping authority to investigate the Vatican's financial administration and organisation.

8. Pope Francis appointed the Audit Commission himself, unilaterally, without consulting the Curia, the government apparatus of the Vatican.

9. While a member of the Audit Commission Francesca Chaouqui used social media on the internet to slander Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone with generalised accusations of corruption. She was unable to specify or substantiate her allegations which amount to an attempt to ruin Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone. There seems to be no other motivation for her attacks on Cardinal Bertone other than her own vindictiveness, her spite, and her perception that Cardinal Bertone has reservations about Pope Francis and or his Audit Commission.

10. In early November 2015, the journalist who had used stolen documents two years earlier to contrive pressure on Pope Benedict to leave office, Gianluigi Nuzzi and another writer styling himself Emiliano Fittipaldi each published books making renewed claims of serious financial and personal malfeasance at the Vatican. The publication of these books led to the arrest of several members of Pope Francis' Audit Commission on suspicion of leaking confidential documents and information to the authors. It should be noted that the books though slanderously hostile towards Catholic Bishops and Cardinals of the Curia, seem to have been written in a laudatory tone regarding Pope Francis personally. The books castigate as corrupt any who were deemed by the authors to be critics or opponents of Pope Francis in the Vatican or elsewhere. The police believe they have clear evidence that the books were written with the assistance of Francesca Chaouqui via yet another systemic leaking of documents, and with further assistance from two other members of the Audit Commission, Monsignor Balda and Nicolo Maio, both, as were they all, appointed by Pope Francis.

11. Francesca Chaouqui is now facing charges in the Vatican relating to leaks to the media. Two other members of the Audit Commission, appointed directly by Pope Francis without consultation, face similar charges. "Why are we in the dock?" Francesca Chaouqui asked on yet another of her internet sites, "while those who steal millions go free?" Simultaneous with her apparent media strategy to make the case as embarrassing as possible for the Catholic Church, she still professes loyalty to Pope Francis. Her co defendants are Monsignor Balda, Nicolo Maio, and the two journalist authors Gianluigi Nuzzi and Emiliano Fittipaldi.

12. Evidence has been presented in court that Francesca Chaouqui seduced an ageing member of the Audit Commission, Monsignor Balda who is facing charges alongside her regarding the leaking of documents.

13. Email and mobile phone text evidence has been produced in court demonstrating Francesca Chaouqui's repeated attempts in her personal contacts with Monsignor Balda to manipulate, humiliate and destroy him. Moreover with an almost preternatural animalistic viciousness that is rare even in modern public life, Francesca Chaouqui continues to slander her co accused Monsignor Balda through her public statements about him in court and on social media. Her hatred for him is visceral, almost demonic. She is attempting to destroy him utterly. We must wonder why.

14. I would counsel anyone who loves the ancient Church or has a respect for it, to exercise caution in considerations regarding Pope Francis and his bona fides.


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