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Wednesday, January 06, 2016

the silence of the pseudo elites

Unreported Jihad And Wishful Thinking As Polity In 21st Century Europe

On New Year's Eve, Muslim skang gangs organised simultaneous mass assaults, including molestation, rape, theft and violence, in three German cities.
The attacks began with an estimated one thousand Muslim hoodlums at Cologne's railway station directing fireworks into crowds of German revellers.
The Muslims then scattered into smaller groups and began singling out and systematically assaulting women in the crowd of revellers.
Similar coordinated attacks were launched at the same time in the cities of Stuttgart and Hamburg.
These premeditated Muslim mass rape attacks were deliberately ignored by German and international media groups for several days precisely because the perpetrators were Muslim. Media groups generally in Europe and America seem to have become accustomed to downplaying the prevalence of Muslim and Jihadist crime.
As evidenced by the chaos last Thursday, the media's unwillingness to report Jihad that is right before their eyes, has reached near farcical levels.
When the story did finally leak into the public domain over the internet, German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned the public not to link the night's systematic coordinated Muslim rape gang attacks to immigrants.
You couldn't make it up.
We are already paying a high price in Europe for Frau Merkel's faux compassion towards passing Muslims.
It's going to get higher.
German police have continued to drag their heels in making arrests after the attacks on New Year's Eve in Cologne, Stuttgart and Hamburg.
A German television station today admitted it had made a decision to suppress the story and apologised.
An intersting part of the debacle has been the response of the lady Mayor of Cologne Henriette Reker.
Miss Reker said: "Young German women must learn not to go within arms length of men they do not know. We will issue guidelines for them before the upcoming carnival."
Well folks.
I'm no feminist.
But I'd take a harsh view of Miss Reker's notion that in this instance it's young women who need to adjust their behaviour.
Hoo baby.
Among other unreported, or barely reported, pieces of seasonal Jihad  taking place on New Year's Eve was a terror threat in Munich which led to the cancellation of all public celebrations there. You see how it works? Al Qaeda, Isis and that little known combo the Muslim Brotherhood (big shout out to Sheika Halawa in Dublin) don't even have to bomb our cities. They just have to threaten to bomb us.
And everything closes down.
Over the border in Belgium Muslims sabotaged New Year's Eve celebrations in Brussels by torching Christmas trees in the city centre and yelling "Allah U Akbar" which apparently is Arabic for "I'm gonna git you sucker."
This just a month after Muslims operating out of Belgium murdered 130 people in the streets of Paris.
It's getting hard to keep up.
My ear was caught amid all this light hearted jihad jollility, by a condescendingly preachy comment from the American broadcaster Bill O'Reilly to the Republican Presidential nominee seeker Donald Trump who has said that if elected President he will temporarily put a stop to any Muslims entering the United States.
Mr O'Reilly told him: "We're never going to win the War on Terror if you keep offending Muslims."
I gave a rueful grin when I heard this.
You know folks I think the opposite and I think more.
We are never going to endure as a free people if we don't, all of us, become a whole lot more ready to offend Muslims.
I think the citizenry are starting to finally figure that one out. Appeasement has not worked.
But as the commentator Mark Steyn (no friend of mine) once said, Europe is a top down construct.
It takes a long time for public concerns, no matter how pressing, to percolate into the political elites.
Instead of having our lazy, do nothing, overpaid, corrupt police forces making young Muslim thugs feel important by half heartedly following them around our streets trying to figure out what they're going to blow up, shoot, rape, throw a firework at, or subvert next, we should simply expel the lot of them,
They have not been worthy of the fellowship and freedoms we offered them.
End gangland people trafficking, that is to say end the IRA, Cosa Nostra, the Triads, the Russian Mob and Nigerian devil worship gangs who brought the Jihadis here.
End them.
End them for a start by re-establishing our borders and the rule of law.

Delenda est jihadis


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