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Saturday, January 02, 2016


Bishop Dermot O'Mahony is dead.
He is most famous for having confirmed me into the ancient faith.
He was murdered in his old age by Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, in conjunction with the Irish Times, Independent Newspapers, the broadcaster RTE, and a feminist atheist air hostess called Yvonne Murphy whom the Labour Party had appointed a Judge in the Republic of Ireland with a specific remit to stampede the peasantry away from the Catholic Church any which way she could.
This confederacy of offal murdered Bishop Mahony in his old age by inventing retrospective culpability for him through their false, tendentious and maliciously contrived suggestion that he mishandled sex abuse cases that arose in his diocese forty years ago, and through their equally false, tendentious, maliciously contrived, and frankly evil attempts to deny him a fair hearing once they'd slandered him in the public space.
Remember Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's rabble rousing call at the time: "Anyone mentioned in Judge Yvonne Murphy's report should resign."
Ah yes.
Who needs the rule of law when we've got Archie.
To commit their murder, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, Air Hostess Murphy, the Irish Times, Independent Newspapers and RTE replaced the presumption of innocence with an assumption of guilt.
Do any of you remember when murder was a crime?


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