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Thursday, February 04, 2016

a short monograph on prison reform

1. No prisoner should have to live in fear of any other prisoner.

2. Irish prisons are ruled by the IRA and associated mafias.

3. The single necessary step to improve prison conditions for all prisoners in Irish prisons is to break the power of gangland within prisons.

4. Prisoners should not be able to associate with other prisoners.

5. No visitors should be allowed for IRA and associated mafia members.

6. Mafia members should be dispersed, preferably to prisons overseas (I would suggest the maximum security prisons in Russia or America.) This can be done more cost effectively than the present system.

7. The rulership of gangs over Irish prisons is the cause of above 90 percent of inhumanity, cruelty, torture and murder in Irish prisons.

8. Gang culture in prisons is the single greatest inhibitor preventing prisoners from healing or reforming.

9. By isolating gang members we can prevent them recruiting for their gangs. We can stop them terrorising other inmates. We can end their use of prison as a training ground for their nefarious activities.

10. The false humanitarianism of allowing gangs to control the prisons has left Ireland with the cruellest prison regimes in Europe.


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