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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

considerations of donald trump

Having been somewhat aware of Mr Trump for about thirty years, I have to admit that during all that time I nearly never liked him.
He first appeared in my universe in the dulcet early days of satelite television in Ireland, probably around 1991, when he was a guest on an American chat show hosted by a left wing liberal atheist called Phil Donohue.
Donohue just loved Trump.
To me Trump's inherited wealth and wealth based on bank borrowings was not particularly admirable.
In the 1990's at least four companies owned or controlled by the billionaire would go through selective bankruptcies.
This type of bankruptcy seemed to me like a convenient way to steal money from gangster banks.
The pervasive presence of the mafia in the real estate world of New York and in banking generally in Europe and America, did not edify me in assessing these matters.
I did like Mr Trump's self referentially humorous cameo appearance in one of the John Hughes Home Alone films.
Otherwise I found him consistently unadmirable over the whole of the past three decades.
A television programme in recent years in which he achieved a broader fame by firing an employee every week drawn from members of the public who had agreed to compete for the role of Mr Trump's apprentice, was beneath my contempt.
Then he announced his candidacy for the American Presidency.
I wondered was it just an ego thing.
A sort of hubris which would see him blow a few hundred million dollars to realise that he's not as likeable as his employees tell him he is and that the Presidency is not there to be purchased.
Then Trump said he would put a stop to illegal immigration.
Ah, I thought, the media will now label him as racist and finish him off.
The media did indeed try to label him racist.
But something strange happened.
People begin to think for themselves.
And most of us in the Free World, ie America, Canada, Britain, Ireland, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand, most of us want immigration stopped and we're getting mighty tired of left wing bankrupt media groups suiciding our cultures and our freedoms in the interests of giving Jihadis a new Caliphate on our doorsteps.
The media failed to label Trump a racist.
His ratings among the general public began to climb.
The media next tried to discredit him with a contrived insult during an interview when pollster Frank Luntz informed Trump that former Presidential candidate John McCain had referred to Trump's supporters as crazies.
Luntz' precise words were: "John McCain says your supporters are crazies and John McCain is a war hero."
The war hero tag was meant to silence Trump.
It didn't work.
Trump answered robustly: "He's not a war hero. What! He's a hero because he got captured? I prefer my heroes not to get captured."
I first heard of this exchange when presenters on the left wing bankrupt mysteriously funded CNN mentioned it as a sure sign that Trump would shortly withdraw from the race.
I thought they were miscalling the situtation.
Trump's remarks about McCain struck me as refreshing and spontaneous and a decisive repudiation of Luntz' trap.
They struck a lot of American voters the same way.
It strikes me that people are sick of having our political discourse defined by left wing bankrupt media groups who are accountable to no one except their unnamed foreign donors.
To this day, the exchange with Luntz is routinely misreported in America and Europe without mentioning Luntz' opening insult and the use of the war hero tag by Luntz in an attempt to prevent Trump responding to it.
A similar misreporting is used regarding Trump's statement that a debate host called Megyn Kelly had been unfair to him
"She was bleeding out her eyes, she was bleeding out her, whatever," Mr Trump had said after the debate.
This is routinely and falsely misreported (most recently in Ireland by the Irish Independent's David Quinn) to wit that Mr Trump had said Megyn Kelly was "menstruating."
He said no such thing.
He does say things I disagree with, usually in criticising fellow candidates Ben Carson, Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush.
I also disagree with his criticisms of former President Bush's decision to end Saddam Hussein's murderocracy in Iraq.
But most of Trump's bon mots show good judgement and a high degree of insight.
An obscure question about vaccines for Mumps, Measles and Rubella possibly causing autism, was intended to stump him at one debate. Trump answered it thoughtfully and clearly, and showed an ability to probe beyond conventional establishment medical "wisdom" in doing so.
A question about North Korea was answered with a superb insight, whereby Mr Trump stated baldly that China controls North Korea.
It does.
No one else in the political sphere has had the guts or the ability or the will, to say it.
The next media trap set for Trump was a standard feminist in the wood pile routine featuring an unknown lady lawyer who decades earlier had interrupted a meeting with Trump (which he had afforded her in his office) to use a breast pump on her mammaries supposedly to extend her lactation period for a suckling child who was not present at the time.
With Trump climbing in the polls the lady lawyer emerged from obscurity to say that twenty years ago Trump had called her proposed use of a breast pump in his office "disgusting."
This sort of manipulative feminist toshology could have eliminated a candidate in days of not so yore.
Now it made no impression whatsoever.
Then on foot of the latest sea of Muslim Jihad murders all over the world, slaughters unleashed in California, Paris, Africa and Asia without let or hindrance, came Trump's statement that he would temporarily ban Muslims from entering America and that if elected he would send the Syrian immigrants currently flooding the country back to Syria.
The left wing media exploded in outrage.
CNN, NBC, ABC and all the rest struggled manfully to tear him down.
Support for Trump from the people went up.
Way up.
And at last the liberal left wing media which has so dominated political life in the United States of America, at last, these hijackers and manipulators of our freedoms, these collapsers of our borders, these betrayers of our sovereignty, these facilitators of immigrant mafiosi Jihadis, at last these pious incompetents who have all but erased our countries from the map in favour of Islamic barbarism, at last these concatinated crews of conformist pseuds, these Anderson Coopers, these Wolf Blitzers, these Michael Moores, these Noam Chomkys, these John Pilgers, these Bill Mahers, these cravens, these blocks, these stones, these worse than useless things, at last I say, they each of them, severally and together, suddenly realised they were in a ball game.
Trump would not lie down.
And those of us who never liked him...
We began to think we might just like him as our President.


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