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Thursday, February 04, 2016

la grande illusion

The bankrupt Irish Times newspaper has endorsed the government policy of giving names to storms, as a key strategy in spreading awareness of climate change.
In fact Ireland's Fine Gael Labour combo government have more or less taken to naming every gust of wind these days.
What next?
Naming individual raindrops maybe.
I can see a public information film featuring Prime Minister Enda Kenny in a nun's habit dancing on the Wicklow Mountains while singing: "Climb every rain drop."
(On a bicycle wearing a cowboy hat, singing Raindrops keep falling on my head, surely? - Ed note)
Meanwhile our bankrupt State controlled television stations recycle footage of flooded fields with no overall data presented as to how many people have been affected and whether or not there is any increase in the numbers affected over previous years.
The flood plains of Irish rivers flood all the time.
Only recently have the climate change promoters begun claiming that a flooded flood plain is a sign of anything other than a flood plain flooding.
Thus the climate change fiction gathers momentum.
I wonder what our new Muslim overlords will make of it all.


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