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Friday, June 24, 2016

great britain

The people of Britain have voted in a referendum to leave the European Union.
Behind closed doors, the faceless unelected nation manipulating pseudo elites of Europe are shaking in their plush armchairs.
The results have come through this morning.
Some thoughts.

1 This is a great day for Britain.

2. This is a great day for the sovereignty of peoples across Europe.

3. The people of Britain voted to leave the European Union because the European Union has been usurping powers to itself from member States through shadowy unelected cabals in the backrooms of European institutions.

4. The people of Britain voted to leave the European Union because the invisible pseudo elites who govern Europe have been systematically collapsing immigration law.

5. The people of Britain voted to leave the European Union because they grew tired of being labelled racist for opposing the collapse of immigration law in their country.

6. The people of  Britain voted to leave the European Union because they grew tired of being labelled racist whenever they expressed concerns about Muslim immigration in particular.

7. I do not think the Prime Minister of Britain, David Cameron, will resign. He promised a referendum and provided one even though he advocated staying in Europe. I predict he will stay in office and will honorably uphold the decision of the people. Contrary to what the mischief makers on television are saying, his reputation has not suffered. Nor has his mandate to lead the country.

8. The out of touch quality of telev,ision coverage throughout this night, particularly on the ITV, Euronews and France 24 networks which I was watching most of the time, gives an extraordinary insight into the dysfunctional arrogance of the media arm, of the pseudo elites of both Britain and Europe. The main presenter and commentators on ITV continually warned that the decision to leave Europe would mean disaster for Britain. There was an unwholesome absence of any appreciation whatsoever of the dignity, courage, integrity and intellectual vitality of the people of Britain who had voted to leave Europe. The disregard of ITV's presenters for those they disagreed with, ie the tens of millions who voted Leave, was palpable and shameful.

9. The claim that the vote divides Britain is the usual nonsense claim that accompanies any electoral result which the media pseudo elites disapprove of. I've been listening to them calling Britain divided all my life. Britain does okay for herself whatever her people decide in whatever election.

10. ITV began the night suggesting that Scotland would win the referendum on behalf of those who favoured staying in Europe. By the end of the night ITV was touting the failure of Scotland's pro Europe faction to sway the popular vote as a reason for Scotland to leave the United Kingdom. I predict Scotland will not lead the United Kingdom. By the way, forty percent of those who voted in Scotland voted to Leave Europe. Another thirty five percent of Scots didn't vote at all. ITV is suggesting those figures mean Britain is facing the imminent secession of Scotland. I'd say the dissolution of ITV is much more likely.

11. Even after it was clear that the people of Britain had voted to leave Europe, ITV continued to present the decision as a disaster. There was no respect for the 18 million voters who had prevailed in the most momentous political development in Britain of the past half century. Only a continuing litany of dire predictions. This is why ITV and most media groups in Europe are bankrupt. They do not report events. They tell us what to think based on their own pseudo elite predispositions.The last straw came when ITV handed over its coverage to a presenter styled Piers Morgan at 6am. That finished them with me. Piers Morgan is the individual who as editor of the Daily Mirror published fake photos during the War On Terror purporting to show British soldiers urinating on Iraqis. His tenure at the Daily Mirror ended over a different scandal I think. It was the one where he published stock market tips for companies he'd already bought shares in. That was the one that did for him. But obviously he was never short of a good scandal. The fact that ITV is once more championing him as a presenter shows more than anything else the taste gap and the integrity gap which characterises everything they do.

12. From 3am ITV was claiming that the British currency Sterling is in free fall. What free fall means is that the notional value of the Pound (notional in the sense that the price is being determined by what some stock brokers and hedge fund managers are willing to pay for it) has dropped a few cents against the Dollar. So this is only going to matter to you if you're exchanging large amounts of Pounds for Dollar today. Most of us do not need to change a hundred million pounds into dollars before the weekend. So in all probability the supposed collapse of Sterling is not going to matter at all.

13. From 3am last night when the vote began clearly to swing towards Britain's exit from Europe, an increasingly resentful ITV reporting team were also predicting stock market collapses worldwide. I suggest that these too have been crudely exaggerated and will rectify over time.

14. ITV, France 24 and Euronews are also now predicting that Northern Ireland may vote to leave the United Kingdom. I'm predicting it won't.

15. Far from showing Britain as a divided country, I suggest the vote shows Britain united in a way unprecedented in recent history. The man who perhaps did more than anyone else to create the opportunity for this referendum Nigel Farage of the United Kingdom Independence Party spoke as follows: "Many of you worked together for this result, conservatives, Labour, Ukip and members of no party." In the hour of victory, he quite legitimately attributed the triumph as much to his political protagonists as to his own party. When have we seen that sort of unity before? A Labour Party member of parliament who was part of the Leave campaign, laughed as she recounted: "The most fun for me was campaigning across party lines. A young conservative came with me into my constituency and he was really surprised to get such a warm welcome from people who nornally don't like conservatives." This is not a divided Britain. This is a Britain more united than ever before. Except among the media and conformist political pseudo elites. They're as out of touch as they always were.

16. The European Union's collapsing of our boarders through the Schengen Agreement (from which Britain was officially exempt) and through failing to enforce even a vestige of immigration law, has served only to facilitate drug dealing people trafficking mafias such as the IRA, Cosa Nostra, Chinese Triads, Al Qaeda, Muslim gangs generally, the Farc, the Zetas, the Russian mob. and Nigerian devil worship rings, in dividing Ireland and other European countries into their own personal fiefdoms. I mention the Nigerian gangs because they traffic children through my country Ireland for ritual slaughter in London. Even notoriously reticent Irish social workers have written tracts about the Nigerian gangs' use of black magic in their prostitution and child trafficking activities. The public remain unaware of these matters because our bankrupt pro European Union, State funded, pseudo elite media groups (the Irish Times, Independent Newspapers, and RTE) do not choose the report them. The Stalinist RTE is funded by compulsory taxation on the citizenry. Independent Newspapers is funded by a Byzantine process whereby AIB bank which went bust lending Independent Newspapers a billion dollars which Independent Newspapers refused to repay, was nationalised by the government of Prime Minister Enda Kenny and promptly cancelled the debts of Independent Newspapers. That's some finance operation right there. By the way Independent Newspapers is owned by a billionaire white collar criminal called Denis O'Brien who made his billions according to an Irish Judicial Enquiry by bribing a corrupt government Minister called Michael Lowry some decades ago to give him mobile phone service provision contracts for the Republic of Ireland dirt cheap. Prime Minister Enda Kenny (who was not Prime Minister during Michael Lowry's hay day) has refused to take any action to implement the findings of the Judicial Enquiry into super thief Denis O'Brien's malfeasance. We should also note that the AIB bank which Enda Kenny nationalised in order to cancel the debts of Denis O'Brien's bankrupt newspaper group, had as one of its principal Board members one Lochlainn Quinn, who is a billionaire himself, and who also happens to be a brother of one Ruairi Quinn, at the time a Minister for Education in Enda Kenny's government. As for the Irish Times... It is so bankrupt (financially and morally) that its shadowy cabal of owners are now lobbying our government to tax internet users and give the money to... the Irish Times.

17. Maybe it's time for us to set up an Irish version of Ukip.


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