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Sunday, June 19, 2016

the enigma variations

"Hey James look at this."
The words were Fortescue's.
He approached across the cafe brandishing an Irish Times.
I shrank away. Not a big fan of the Irish Times. If you've read one maundering anti Catholic pro abortion propaganda rag, you've read them all. That's my view.
"Read it,"said Fortescue indicating an arteekle.
I read.
The gist of what I read was that a member of management at a company once used by IRA capo Sean Quinn to bankrupt Ireland through illegal billion dollar loans from an IRA controlled financial institution styled Anglo Irish Bank, had been intimidated by an IRA assassin with a gun.
The gunman had suggested to the manager while waving his gun ever so politely in his face, that it might be a good idea to put IRA capo Sean Quinn back in charge of what he'd once run as a proxy company for the IRA.
According to the Irish Times article the young manager had replied: "Either pull the trigger or f--- off."
I put down the Irish Times.
I didn't laugh.
A once famous fleeting grin played about my lips.
"I like it," I said. "It has great pith. It's the sort of thing I'd love to say. My trouble is that I wouldn't be able to stop there. I'd have said: F--- off you f---ing low life IRA bollocks, you're all a bunch of f---ing w-nking b--------s, leeching off our history for your f---ing drug cult. Go on you people trafficking c---s. Go on. Go terrorise a little old lady, or hook some more children on your drug poisons, or get another corrupt f---ing cop to run the town for you, or bring in a few more Morroccan Pie Eye Steen Yun drug gangs as part of your Muslim outreach, or install another drug dealer in a house at my gate, you f---ing lice, that's more your f---ing speed. Go f--- yourself and your f---ing Rah gangs in your f---ing Rah housing estates, you f---ing Rah c---s, go on, pull the f---ing trigger or f--- off you useless f---ing skanger IRA f---ing c---t. Pull the f--king trigger you skang. Pull the f--king trigger. With my luck he'd probably have shot me."
"I suppose he would," said Fortescue soberly.


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