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Sunday, August 21, 2016

the crunch question

Question: Does the arrest by Brazilian police of the head of Ireland's Olympic Council in a ticket fraud scandal and the discovery of yet another Irish Olympic competitor up to his neck in drugs, taken in context with discredited Irish Olympians from previous years, ie the gold medal "winners" Michelle Smith in swimming and Cian O'Connor in show jumping, (bear in mind that drug samples from Cian O'Connor's horses being held as evidence were stolen on two separate occasions in outrageous circumstances bearing all the hallmarks of a gangland rescue operation, once from an official premises in Ireland and once from a motorcycle courier on the continent who was hijacked and ordered to hand over Cian O'Connor's horse's drug samples, none of which has discouraged the gangland infested Irish Olympic Committee from continuing to select Cian O'Connor to represent Ireland at the Olympic Games, just bear it in mind), does all this, along with the presence of the IRA in boxing clubs around Ireland, a presence brought into plain view by the recent gangland shooting mounted by the Hutch IRA gang against a rival drug dealing IRA cell styled the Kinahan mafia at a boxing event in the Regent Hotel Dublin and the subsquent all out IRA mafia faction gang war tearing civil society and the rule of law in Ireland to pieces, not to mention the murder this week of a man on holiday in Spain by Kinahan IRA mob blitzers, and the attempted murder of yet another drug dealer in Dublin tonight even as I'm writing this, does all this imply that the IRA and gangland have taken over the running of Olympic sporting organisations in Ireland along with sections of the Judiciary, the media, the trade union movement and the police?

Answer: Yes.


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