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Friday, November 11, 2016

the heelers diaries in america

25 days to the election
Friday 14th October 2016

Saw footage last night of First Lady Michelle Obama addressing a mob of supporters. She's responding to the latest controversies around Donald Trump's presidential run.
The danger is that flash over substance abortionists like Mrs Obama will use the vulgarity of Mr Trump to discredit a whole gamut of principled pro life positions that he no more believes in than she does. The Dems will try to use Trump's reverse take over of the Republican Party to bring down the Republican ethic generally.
Michelle Obama was orating on the subject of ten year old footage of Trump making lewd sexual remarks.
"This was not just locker room talk," she announced tearfully. "This was about every woman who's had to listen to crude remarks about her body from a man as she walks down the street, This is about the man who stands just a little too close to you at work or looks at you just a moment too long. This is about all women."
Ho hum.
The standard fembo evil men routine from central casting.
I think Sam Raimi is working on the movie.
For an hour today in the Boston Public Library a Chinese girl smiled at me.
Occasionally she stroked her lustrous black hair in a manner that implied a certain mischievousness.
Her eyes glinted.
If only Michelle Obama had been there to interpret the signals.
Later in the Starbucks cafe at the Prudential Centre an equally beautiful Mexican woman shot me a challenging look. then began stroking her thighs, pausing only to adjust her stockings in a movement that was not discreet, ye aforementioned stockings being sheer, and shiny and black.
The ghost of Michelle Obama appeared at my shoulder.
"Heelers," she said, "don't even think about it."
Here is the news.
The gender divisions in America and elsewhere are profound.
These divisions will not be resolved by self righteous opportunistic showboating.
Men and women are substantially disrupted.
We are disrupted by sex culture, by abortionism, by porno, by atheism, by pharmaceutical companies prescribing poisons to us for our inconvenient mental sufferings, by media bombardment, by feminist myth conflict theory, by achieverism, by dysfunctional representations of maleness in cinema, by drug use, and by evil.
The solution is where everyone knows it is.
The gospel.


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