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Monday, November 28, 2016

the muscovian candidate

The postulation regarding a fixed American election functions as follows.

1. Julian Assange's Wikileaks website, a proxy for the Russian government, along with other Russian proxy websites, selectively leak extracts from Hillary Clinton's emails in the run up to the election depressing her overall support by several percentage points at key moments in the campaign. Assange and the Russians cannot collapse Clinton's support but they can make it an easier job to steal enough votes to beat her.

2. The mafia and their Teamsters union operatives who normally lean Democrat, lean Trump in this election because of Mr Trump's known mafia associations in New York, Atlantic City and Nevada. What fixing they can do, they do do, on his behalf.

3. Russian computer hackers (or mafia ones or others) use software programmes and possibly additional unknown manual methods involving corrupted poll supervisers to alter results in several constituencies. The hackers steal votes for Mr Trump simply by hacking into the tabular results programmes in local constituencies, enough to push Trump to victory in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pensylvania. Most of the precincts in these States will not be altered. There will be no fraud across more than 90 percent of tallies in these States. The hackers will steal just enough votes from essentially unverifiable and untraceable computer based ballots in the remotest precincts, to give the overall numerical win in the three targeted States to Mr Trump.


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