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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

was the daily mirror newspaper group morally capable of framing deceased broadcaster jimmy savile for child abuse

The following information may be relevant to our considerations.
The Daily Mirror has in the past year been ordered to pay a total of 1.6 million Euros to eight individuals whose phones it hacked.
The eight individuals who are to be compensated by the Mirror are: air hostess Lauren Alcorn, actress Sadie Frost, footballer Paul Gascoigne, BBC Executive Alan Yentob, TV Producer Robert Ashworth, and soap opera actors Shobna Gulati, Lucy Taggert and Shane Ritchie.
Paul Gascoigne informed the court that the Daily Mirror's spying efforts had driven him into a spiral of paranoia and alcoholism.
British Judge Mary Arden in making the awards against the Mirror Group accused the newspaper of "disgraceful conduct."
Another hundred private citizens are preparing to sue the Mirror Group whose holding company is known as Trinity Mirror.
I would suggest that the salient difference between all these people and Jimmy Savile is that these people were still alive when the Daily Mirror attempted to destroy them in order to shore up its bankrupt newspaper group.
The Mirror Group has now set aside a further 56 million Euro for ongoing claims from members of the public whose phones were hacked and whose reputations were slandered by the Daily Mirror and its employees.


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