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Friday, February 10, 2017


Mrs Baines struggled towards me in the street.
She could barely move.
I felt a great wave of sadness.
The dignity of her womanhood was creased with sorrow.
Every movement betokened struggle.
I knew her as a family woman who had made great sacrifices all her life for those she loved.
And here we are.
I was thinking: Ah God, how could you let this happen?
She spoke to me for a few moments.
Something about an accident that had left her barely able to walk.
Now a life of constant pain.
All that jazz.
My sadness broached atheism.
Six months later I saw her again.
She jumped out of a car on Main Street and positively bounced towards me.
Her aged frame exuded vitality, vibrancy and life.
"It's a lovely day James," she trilled passing at a rate of knots towards the supermarket.
I was too moved to talk.
Back at the ranch I told Aunty Teresa.
"You wouldn't believe it," I said. "I mean six months ago, she could barely move. Honestly. God really taught me a lesson this time. He really did the business. Sometimes we're asked to suffer. But joy cometh in the morning. I have seen it with my own eyes. It was incredible."
"That's a new car too," murmured Aunty Teresa distantly. "And she's never driven before in her life."
Something in Aunty Teresa's voice arrested me.
"What's going on?" I rapped.
"Nothing," said the aunt.
"Tell me," I insisted.
"Well," said Aunty Teresa, "Mrs Baines was in an accident. That's true enough. She fell off her bike. You know she probably shouldn't have been riding it. She was very heavy at the time. Then she sued the bike maker claiming the bike caused the accident. Then she limped around town for six months until the court awarded her a settlement against the bike company. Then she bought a new car for the first time in her life. And now she's learned to drive and doesn't have to cycle anywhere. And her ability to walk has come right back. And all the pain is gone. I suppose you could argue it's a kind of a miracle. But do you seriously think God was involved?"


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