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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

high crimes and misdemeanours

Noirin O'Sullivan is chief of the Irish police force.
Her husband is also a senior police officer and was promoted to an even more senior position after his wife was appointed to her present role two years ago.
Her husband's position under his wife's command, seems to have involved work with a shadowy unit attempting to establish the identities of police officers who were exposing police corruption to journalists and politicians.
The public concern at present is that the motivation behind O'Sullivan's targeting of police officers who were trying to protect the public by exposing police corruption, was itself criminal in nature.
The concern is further that having been identified by Noirin O'Sullivan's husband and his secret unit, anti corruption police officers might then be effectively criminalised through a legal technicality deeming them to have broken procedural rules on police contact with journalists.
Murky isn't it.
But this is how it's done in Ireland.
This is how the heroes are ruined by the scoundrels.
This week it has been claimed in Ireland's parliament that Noirin O'Sullivan herself attempted to blacken the name of hero cop Maurice McCabe by falsely labelling him a child abuser.
The claim was made in parliament by Brendan Howlin leader of the Labour Party.
Mr Howlin told parliament that the claim was passed to him by a journalist who had stated that Noirin O'Sullivan personally slandered Mr McCabe to several journalists.
Mr Howlin's source stipulated that he himself had not been among those present when the supposed slander took place.
Maurice McCabe is already a hero in Ireland for exposing police corruption while serving in the force.
Noirin O'Sullivan denies she was a party to any smear campaign against Mr McCabe.
She is refusing to resign as chief of police.
Noirin O'Sullivan was appointed chief of police in 2014 after the previous chief of police Martin Callanan resigned in disgrace over various matters, including his treatment of Mr McCabe along with his response to issues raised by Mr McCabe about police corruption.
The Minister for Justice at the time Alan Shatter was also forced to resign in the unfolding scandal.
Mr Shatter's behaviour was condemned in a formal report at the time.
This report was upheld by the High Court when Mr Shatter appealed its findings, that is to say the High Court concluded that the report's criticisms and conclusions re Alan Shatter were correct. However Mr Shatter eventually found an appeal court willing to repudiate the report's findings on the grounds, according to appeal court Judge Sean Ryan, that Mr Shatter's constitutional rights were at risk.
I think Judge Sean Ryan's grounds for exonerating Alan Shatter over his monstrous behaviour towards Maurice McCabe, are thoroughly frivolous.
In fact the scandal of Judge Sean Ryan and his pals Judge Mary Finlay Geoghegan and Judge Mary Irvine at the appeal court, putting the whole process of enquiry into Alan Shatter's corruption on trial, yes putting the process itself on trial, was in my view as big a scandal as Shatter and Callanan's arrant criminality in their original wild west use of the police force as a personal militia to destroy Maurice McCabe and anyone else who got in their way. 
After Mr Callanan's resignation the Fine Gael government of Ireland of which Mr Shatter up to his own resignation had also been a part, then promised not to appoint a serving member of Ireland's police force as chief to replace Mr Callanan.
This was because of profound public concerns about endemic police corruption here.
Fine Gael's Prime Minister Enda Kenny reneged on this promise in appointing Noirin O'Sullivan as Chief of Police. She was after all not only an insider but had also served as deputy to Mr Callanan, his right hand man as it were, or his accomplice.
Mr Kenny's Fine Gael Party was decimated at our last election which left us with a hung parliament.
Mr Kenny managed to weasel his way back to the position of Prime Minister with no overall majority simply because Ireland's fractured parliament had no clear alternative on offer. 
A Judicial Enquiry has been appointed to investigate the issues relating to the criminal behaviour of police officers in orchestrating criminal smear campaigns against Maurice McCabe.
Noirin O'Sullivan insists that she will remain chief of police while the investigation proceeds into claims (which she denies) that she was directly involved in any criminal attempt to destroy Maurice McCabe.
Noirin O'Sullivan insists that she will retain control of the police force even if the police force is now tasked with investigating her.
We should keep a weather eye on the possibility that she is innocent.
The IRA mafia and gangland generally would be well capable of framing a Chief of Police.
But a certain decisive intervention is necessary.
The weight of testimony from parliamentarians and from Maurice McCabe himself means Noirin O'Sullivan's position as Chief of Police is untenable.
Noirin O'Sullivan and her husband and any of their potential fellow conspirators against Maurice McCabe must go.
It is time for parliament as the elected guarantors of Irish democracy to assert primacy over the unelected phenomenally corrupt police force and its equally unelected phenomenally corrupt enablers in the judiciary.
Parliament must reassert public control of the police.
As a citizen I call on the parliament of the Republic of Ireland to impeach Noirin O'Sullivan and remove her from office.


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