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Thursday, April 27, 2017

suggestions for those who propose to investigate the nature of reality

1. There is nothing in the universe that can not be sneered at therefore sneering tells us nothing distinctive about anything.

2. Ridicule may sometimes be a legitimate test of the contours of an idea but it should never be foundational in your conclusion. I think therefore I ridicule is an untruism.

3. Certainty in itself merely indicates that the person displaying it has a high opinion of his own faculties. It is not the lynchpin of any mode of reason.

4. Even an atheist in assessing data must apply to his own faculties faith in something intangible. The intangible quality he must embrace as real is discernment or wisdom. Otherwise data is just noise.

5. I suggest when you recognise the necessity of applying wisdom to the differentiation of your data, you are very close to God.


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