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Thursday, April 20, 2017

fortunes of war

Scanning the internet for life forms.
My eyes alight on a broadcast by Mr Cenk Uygur.
Cenk Uygur runs an opinion and commentary channel styled The Young Muslims.
He is a capable fellow and robust in debate.
Tonight he is happy.
Very happy.
Positively gleeful.
He appears to be having some sort of an orgasm live on air.
It's not pretty.
I listen to the words between the ululations of joy.
Presently it becomes clear that he is happy because a presenter at the Fox News television station has been fired.
The presenter is Bill O'Reilly.
As Cenk Uygur tells it, Bill O'Reilly has been fired because a woman, whom Cenk Uygur has never met and whose integrity he has no direct insight into, says Bill O'Reilly's behaviour towards her in the studio twenty years ago amounted to sexual harassment.
The firing of Bill O'Reilly seems like the happiest day of Cenk Uygur's life.
He is in paroxysms.
He is almost apoplectic.
His joy is unbounded.
Cenk Uygur has as per usual come to a conclusion based on a critical assessment of the available facts which is the exact opposite of the conclusion I would come to.
How strange.
No, not that he disagrees with me.
How strange for a man of Cenk Uygur's accomplishments to gloat because a rival has been fired.
How very very strange.
And perhaps a little bit undignified.


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