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Sunday, April 23, 2017

the first clue i ignored that donald trump might win the american presidential election

Halloween with the Sanchez family in Boston USA.
They were taking their son out trick or treating.
The child was not dressed as a conventional ghost or ghoul.
He was dressed as Donald Trump complete with dramatic orange hair style and sharp suit. He had worked up a few passingly amusing Donald Trump impressions to go with the ensemble.
The family had planned to call on their friends Robert and Erica who live up the street.
I knew Robert and Erica vaguely as a wealthy hardworking couple who like everyone else in Massuchusetts I presumed to be congenital demmycrats.
The Sanchez family bid me farewell and left me with my best friends Mary Tyler Moore and Gerry Seinfeld.
They returned in a flurry about five minutes later.
"What's wrong?" I blurted.
"Robert and Erica are Trump supporters," explained Mrs Sanchez soberly.


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