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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

the reverse take over of saint vincent's hospital by left wing atheistic abortionists against the bomb i mean i don't want to go casting no aspoyshuns

Some months ago the Sisters Of Charity, a venerable and ancient, much respected and much loved, order of nuns who have run Saint Vincent's hospital Dublin for generations, making it one of the most famous and respected hospitals in Europe, agreed to allow another hospital styled the National Maternity Hospital to be a part of their campus.
The National Maternity Hospital was controlled by anti life activists Doctor Rhona O'Mahony and her brother in law Doctor Peter Boylan along with several of their abortion advocating colleagues,
It should be noted that the National Maternity Hospital has as its patron the ultra leftist Archbishop of Dublin Diarmuid Martin who has imposed no vestige of a Christian ethos on its running, apparently content to let policy be defined by the atheistic abortion advocates he has employed there as doctors.
Under Archie's patronage, the National Maternity Hospital has been rigorously controlled by Rhona O'Mahony, her brother in law Peter Boylan, and several other doctors who were styled Masters of the hospital.
It was not a Christian hospital in action or ethos.
I would suggest that Rhona O'Mahony and her Brother In Law Peter Boylan had in fact turned it into something of a charnel house.
I would instance the still unexplained death of Syrian woman Malak Thawley on the operating table as a measure of the murderousness, competency, skills and ethos created by Rhona O'Mahony, her Brother in Law Peter Boylan and their colleagues at the National Maternity Hospital.
You all know I believe Malak Thawley's death was murder and that the official pattycake enquiry into it was a disgraceful piece of obfuscation.
Get this.
After the nuns who owned Saint Vincent's hospital had formally agreed to let the National Maternity Hospital be a part of Saint Vincent's campus, Peter Boylan began a media campaign (he claims at the behest of his Sister in Law Rhona O'Mahony who herself denies she put him up to it) to have the nuns excluded from the ownership and running of their own hospital.
Let me be clear about the parenthetical bit: Doctor Rhona O'Mahony denies her Brother in Law Doctor Peter Boylan's claim that she had asked him to begin lobbying to have the nuns removed from the ownership and running of their own hospital.
Between them it is.
Lovely people.
In multiple media outlets Peter Boylan claimed that the nuns should not be allowed to own their own hospital and that Saint Vincent's hospital should not be permitted to have a Christian ethos or any ethos coming from the nuns.
Peter Boylan expressed strong personal distaste for the Sisters Of Charity in general and for nuns in particular.
The nuns' hospital which as a favour to the Irish government had agreed to include Rhona O'Mahony and Peter Boylan's charnel house of a hospital on its campus, was now the subject of a smash and grab by this same Peter Boylan and Rhona O'Mahony.
You couldn't make it up.
Peter Boylan was assisted in his scurrilous publicity campaign to slander the Sisters Of Charity by the most anti Catholic media groups in Europe, namely the bankrupt Independent Newspapers group, the bankrupt Irish Times, and the bankrupt State owned broadcaster RTE.
It should be noted that although RTE is owned by the State, and financed through compulsory taxation on the citizenry, it is still as bankrupt as the other media groups and while government owned it is effectively controlled from the shadows by an unaccountable ultra left wing board of management and by a coterie of IRA mafia infiltrators who joined the staff from the 1960's onwards.
Any reference to the IRA in this assessment and ultra leftists in RTE in particular, would be incomplete without noting again that ultra leftist Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, the putative promoter of the influence of Rhona O'Mahony and Peter Boylan in Irish medicine, is a brother of the famously pro Soviet former Irish Times political correspondent Seamus Martin.
I ask you.
If Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is not a pro Soviet infiltrator of the Catholic Church, what the hell is he?
But I digress.
The upshot of Peter Boylan's campaign against the nuns owning the hospital they established and ran and made into the finest hospital in Europe for more than a hundred years, is that the nuns have been excluded from ownership and management of Saint Vincent's hospital.
A coterie of abortion advocates running a hind tit charnel house of a hospital having taken over Saint Vincent's.
Oh pale Peter Boylan.
How thou hast conquered.
A question for you.
Since you were so outraged that the nuns might impose any ethos on their own hospital.
Might I ask.
What ethos will you and your abortionist Sister in Law impose on Saint Vincent's hospital?
Where will your guiding principles come from?
Will it be as the bankrupt Irish Independent claims "international best practice," a meaningless essentially non existent concept on which no one agrees?
Or just whatever pops into your head or your atheistic abortionist Sister in Law's head on a given day?
No Peter Boylan.
Here's what I think.
Your ethos will be the ethos of the old devil worshipper Aleister Crowley.
Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of your law.
And hell will follow with you.
I do not accept what you have done.


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