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Saturday, June 10, 2017

oh the humanities

Flicking through the channels on the sexevision.
I alight on one Carly Simon singing a new version of her most famous song. (Two Carly Simons would have been ridiculous.)
Apparently she's rejigged the thing as an homage to recently resigned Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny whose supporters Famously and Fatuously claim he was the most humane politician in Ireland's history. Famously and Fatuously are Enda Kenny's last remaining followers. If nothing else, they are loyal. Loyal to the point of nincompoopsiedom.
Carly sings:

"You're so humane
You probably think this song is about you
You're so humane
I bet you thinks this song is about you
You walked into parliament
As the leader of a party styled Fine Gael
And your awkward hand gestures to the cameras
Looked unfortunately like sieg heils
You gouged your way through the recession by inventing new taxes on water and houses and something called a univeral social charge
Which you used to bail out Finance Minister Ruairi Quinn's brother Lochlainn's collapsed AIB bank
And Lochlainn having collapsed AIB was then allowed to become Chairman of the State electricity company
I ask you
Oh and you also continued the multi billion dollar bailout of the IRA mafia bank Anglo Irish Bank
You're so huma-a-a-a-a-ne
You also bailed out an IRA bank
Didn't ya
And allowed an IRA Judge to release the former head of Anglo Irish Bank IRA capo Sean Fitzpatrick who oversaw the institutionalised IRA burglarisation of its own bank through illegal billion dollar loans to himself and other IRA mobsters, released by an IRA Judge I say, on a technicality
Didn't ya
And a corrupt chief of police told you she'd be your close friend
She'd be your close friend
Because you didn't have the bawls to fire her
After she framed a hero cop for child abuse
You're so humane
You probably bunged your parents in an old folks home
You're so humane
I bet you bunged your parents in an old folks home
Didn't ya
Well you gave out hundred grand pay rises
To Ireland's gangbanger cops
And you reached out to troubled children everywhere
With mutilating sex change ops
You let mafia Judges refuse to extradite Eoin Marques
The world's leading supplier of child porn
I had a feeling there were Jihadis at Dublin airport
Jihadis at Dublin airport
And you're so humane
You probably think Euthanasia's a country
You're so humane
I bet you think Euthanasia's a country

This song definitely has moments.
The ancient maxim of the druids holds true.
When all else fails leave it to Carly Simon to speak truth to power.


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