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Thursday, June 08, 2017

today they said

Teresa May (Prime Minister of Great Britain): "We must deny the extremists their capacity to flourish on social media and the internet."

James Healy: "Actually Missus, I'm not sure the internet is the problem. I agree that we should end the display of torture and murder videos by Jihadis. But any further meddling with the discourse may end up as an excuse to censor stuff that should not be censored. The internet is one of the places where the discourse between Muslims and non Muslims is quite frank and extensive. I'm going to hazard that in fact the internet is one of the few "places" in the Free World where Muslim Jihadis are NOT flourishing. On the internet we all know what Jihadis are and what their religion is. On the internet Jihadis are subject to a scrutiny that his almost absent from other cultural formats of expression. There is quite a healthy debate on the internet between Muslims and non Muslims. On the internet the robust analysis and erudite critique of Islam on the most famous websites, say David Wood's site, or Mark Steyn's, or Brother Rachid's, excels by far anything available on newspapers or television. On the internet, apologists for Islamic terror routinely come out looking lame. The fair and free and frank discussions on the above websites do not a safe haven make for Muslim extremists. I would add that on the internet former Muslims are able to speak openly about their reasons for leaving Islam. Muslims who have reservations about Jihad are also able to speak openly on the internet. They can't really speak like this elsewhere in our societies because their fellow Muslims will kill them. On the internet there is genuine discussion about the Prophet Muhammed, not just the anodyne pap which prevails on our television stations or newspapers which have become sterile conformist left wing controlled behemoths of irrelevancy. On the internet those Muslims who are rebelling against the brutality of Islam, speak openly whereas anywhere else they would simply be murdered by other Muslims for daring to break ranks. I honestly don't think the internet is the problem. On the internet Prime Minister I'm going to suggest, well, that the Jihadis are actually losing. So the space we need to deny them is not cyberspace. The space we need to deny them is real space, that is to say we need to deny them the freedom to walk around, draw social welfare and sip at our cafes while planning to bomb our countries and our cities. Again. Don't deny them cyber space. Deny them real space. Stop letting them in. Stop letting them stay here. Stop letting them hide in plain sight. Enforce immigration law as defined by the broader community. If you allow Muslims to mass migrate to our countries, Muslims will do here what they have done in every other country that has allowed them to mass migrate inwards. They will inflict endless mass casualty terrorism upon us. End Muslim immigration. The space you need to make Muslim Jihadi free is London, Dublin, all of Western Europe. Not the internet. Our police should not be following selected Jihadis from cafe to cafe waiting for them to kill someone. If there's any reason to follow a Jihadi in the streets, then that's enough reason to expel him or her. Incarcerate him or her. Or don't let him or her into our countries in the first place. Stop waiting till they bomb a school, a street, a concert, a train, a bus, or a plane before you take action. I've got news for you Prime Minister. People are getting tired of this. Our pseudo elites are handing victory to our enemies. Blah, blah, blah. The Mayor will have my ass. Blah. You junior detectives and your recklessly heroic ways. Blah, blah, my ass, blah, the mayor, blah, etc etc."


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