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Tuesday, May 02, 2017

from the heelers emails

From James Healy (by letter post)
To: David Manly, Family And Life group

Mr Manly.
I've received a letter from Family And Life which purports to be raising money to rescue women from their perceived necessity of having an abortion.
Your letter looks like a scam to me.
In my opinion anyone using the sanctity of life issue as a cash cow racket would be committing a crime close to abortion.
Best wishes.
James Healy

----- Forwarded Message ----- (by email)
From: David Manly <>
Sent: Tue, 02 May 2017 14:48:52 +0100 (IST)
Subject: F & L

Dear Mr Healy,

I received your note of "April 2017" today.

Family & Life started in 1996, and in the past 21 years has worked to defend the family and the unborn child.

No, we are not operating a racket, as you ask. From the beginning, our annual accounts are lodged with the Companies Registration Office in Parnell Square, so they are available to public scrutiny. Please desist from phoning the office and annoying the secretary.

I notice that your blog appears to defend the Church from unfounded slurs and accusations. Maybe you might enquire how Amnesty International and the IFPA received large amounts of money from George Soros, with SIPO's acquiescence.

Regards, David Manly

From: James
To: Family And Life

Morning David.
I have never phoned your office or made any attempt to contact you or your employees other than the letter you received last week in answer to your appeal for funds.
No one on my behalf has every phoned your office or made any attempt to contact you or your employees.

From David Manly
Sorry James, it's a case of mistaken identity and my fault. Apologies to you.

From James
To: Family And Life
No pain no foul.
And you were entitled to answer my letter robustly.
James h


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