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Monday, May 01, 2017

orchestrations of scandal

Two weeks ago Simon Harris, Minister for Health in Ireland's minority Fine Gael government announced to reporters that a proposed new National Maternity Hospital would not be run with "a Catholic ethos."
Some background.
The Sisters of Charity Order are the owners of another hospital Saint Vincent's which has served the people of Ireland for generations and is one of the best ie safest and most humane, hospitals in Europe.
The nuns had agreed to allow the government and its Health Board to transfer the much less safe and seismically less Christian, National Maternity Hospital from Hollis Street to the Saint Vincent's campus.
Now it seems, a reverse take over was underway.
For in giving his assurance, Mr Harris pretended to be allaying public concerns.
But the concerns were solely those of anti Catholic media groups.
And of a coterie of anti Catholic doctors who have risen to prominence at the National Maternity Hospital.
In raising the question of ethos, and in condeming the Christian ethos promoted by the nuns and their staff, the National Maternity Hospital ringers were seaking to insinuate a dark ethos of their own into the running of the new merged services at Saint Vincent's.
In his statement, Mr Harris had allowed anti Catholic media groups, the Irish Times, Independent Newspapers and RTE, as well as the coterie of activists to which I am referring, to advance the utterly false notion that the general public did not wish to have a Catholic ethos at the new hospital.
Some 78 percent of the Irish people describe themselves as Catholic in the recent census.
Many more of whatever background or faith, struggle tooth and nail to get their kids into Catholic Church run schools and hospitals.
The bankrupt near defunct Independent Newspapers, Irish Times and RTE, do not speak for any of us.
Independent Newspapers in particular has long sought to cloak its own propaganda manipulations against the Catholic Church under a veneer of so called public concerns.
More specifically in this instance Independent Newspapers falsely and without evidence suggested that the public was somehow eager to ensure that test tube baby in vitro fertilisation procedures (which involve creating and destroying up to a dozen embryos every time) would be carried out and that life would therefore be created and destroyed at the hospital for profit without the intervention of Catholic consciences.
There has never been any substantial public demand in Ireland for in vitro fertilisation services.
These services have been promoted by private businesses which are very anxious to foster the false notion that the public wants them and is entitled to have them, because once that notion is fostered our successively suggestible and corrupt governments will start funding them.
The in vitro procedure involves generating life in test tubes.
Each time the procedure is carried out several babies are created.
Most are then destroyed as the doctors bring what they deem a viable one to term.
They kill nine for every one they let live.
That's test tube babies.
That's in vitro fertilisation.
And that's why the Frankensteins behind it, want to remove any Christian influence from the running of the new hospital.
If in vitro fertilisation is practiced at the National Maternity Hospital, then the government will provide funding for it as a citizen's right, and the Frankensteins who generate and destroy life in test tubes for profit will be able to write themselves a blank checque in perpetuity.
There's more.
Someone called Doctor Rhona Mahony is styled Master of the National Maternity Hospital Hollis Street.
She is a board member at the Hollis Street hospital.
Tellingly she is also a Board member for one of the in vitro fertilisation service providers who now claim they will be included as an integral part of the proposed hospital.
It is not clear who gave the in vitro service providers the assurances they are now claiming to have that they will be part of the set up at the new hospital.
We should note in passing that Rhona Mahony was also a prominent pro abortion voice during recent media orchestrated campaigns to legalise abortion in Ireland.
Fine Gael and their former government partners the Labour Party legalised abortion in Ireland during that media orchestrated campaign, and are now seeking to legalise more of it. The Fine Gael party had explicitly promised not to legalise abortion before they went ahead and legalised it anyway.
In any case Rhona Mahoney's abortion advocacy has not hindered her status as Master of the National Maternity Hospital, whether the hospital is owned by Catholic nuns or not
Go figure.
And like I said, Rhona Mahony is also a Board member with an in vitro fertilisation company which purports to have an agreement to site itself at the proposed new National Maternity Hospital facility.
And there's more.
This week Independent Newspapers gave a face to their false claims about there being public demand for in vitro services at the new hospital, by quoting another board member at the National Maternity Hospital, a character styled Doctor Peter Boylan.
Boylan has spent the week being feted in Independent Newspapers while warning about what he piously referred to as the dangers of a Catholic ethos at the hospital.
Apparently nuns bit him on the bawls when he was a kid or something.
Like a new age Penelope Pitstop he oolagowned against the evil Dick Dastardly Christians who keep setting up hospitals and running them on sanctity of life principles.
Gotta stop dem evil Catholics, eh Peter?
I wonder why there are no liberal atheistic or Marxian hospitals for you to take over.
I mean where are they?
You all have such ambitions to hijack Catholic Church run hospitals and schools, why is there no tradition in Ireland or anywhere else of a successful respected trusted hospital or school being set up by liberal left wing atheistic abortionists?
It's most amazing.
Eventually Peter Boylan staged a hand wringing resignation from the Board.
And now he claims Rhona Mahony put him up it.
Peter Boylan says it was Rhona Mahony who asked him to lobby the government against nuns controlling the hospital.
Rhona Mahony denies every having asked Peter Boylan to make any such representations against the nuns owning or controlling the hospital.
And get this.
Rhona Mahony is his sister in law.
Well folks.
Independent Newspaper ran up a billion dollars in debt during their forty year culture war against the Catholic Church.
And they're still at it.
And they and Rhona Mahony and Peter Boylan are the people promoting abortion and promoting test tube baby procedures that involve nine abortions every life they bring to term, they are the ones I say, warning you against a Catholic Church ethos in our hospitals.
The irony is screaming.
Thank you for your time gentle readers.
I have delighted you long enough.


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