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Wednesday, May 03, 2017

a bigot war too far

(The attempted annexation by liberal left wing abortionist  pseudo elites of the running of Ireland's hospitals)

1. Last year after repeated requests from the Irish government, the nuns of the Sisters of Charity agreed to allow the National Maternity Hospital Hollis Street to move its facilities to a hospital owned by the nuns and famous to generations of Irish people as Saint Vincent's hospital. The nuns were facilitating the government in this matter, not vice versa.

2. Saint Vincent's hospital is renowned world wide for the excellence and compassion of the care it provides. It is in the news this week because government Health Minister Simon Harris has bowed to an orchestrated media campaign from Board members at the National Maternity Hospital, casting aspersions on the ethics and ethos of Saint Vincent's Hospital as run by the Sisters of Charity. Harris has stated that when Saint Vincent's allows the National Maternity Hospital to move to its campus, the nuns will not have any say in the ethos of the hospital which they have allowed to join their campus.

3, The reputation of the grandly named National Maternity Hospital Hollis Street is less assured than that of Saint Vincent's Hospital. The National Maternity Hospital Hollis Street has shall we say fallen on lean times reputationally. Board members at Hollis Street, particularly Doctor Rhona Mahony who styles herself Master Of The Maternity Hospital, have a reputation for pro abortion advocacy and for their acquiescence to procedures such as sterilisation and the increasingly discredited sex change procedure. Doctor Mahony and her cadre are also shameless promoters of test tube baby procedure whereby sterile parents gamble on the possibilty that a sperm and egg fertilised in a test tube may be brought to term. The procedure is obejectionable on several grounds. It is objectionable because parents are routinely lied to when doctors tell them the procedure usually works. It usually fails. And it often results in miscarriages. It is most objectionable howerver because whenever Rhona Mahony or her ilk generate a life in a test tube, they generate nine more that they discard, ie they kill them, bringing to term only that life they deem most viable. It is a further objectionable procedure because the Irish people have never been given a choice as to whether Rhona Mahony and her fellow profiteers should be allowed to set themselves up as Frankensteins in our country. I mean I don't want to go casting no aspoyshuns. But these are my objections to the test tube baby procedure. Rhona Mahony as well as being Master of the Maternity hospital Hollis Street is a board member of a company providing test tube baby services. Futhermore there have been repeated concerns over several years re the amount of money she was being paid at Hollis Street with suggestions that her remuneration was vastly exceeding government guidelines for Health Service pay, and yet more concerns about the manner in which she was receiving extra payments which have never been fully explained. Rhona Mahony is listed as a member of the Finance Committee at the National Maternity Hospital Hollis Street. The Finance Committee overseas remuneration at the hospital to staff members including Rhona Mahony.

4. A further cloud over the National Maternity Hospital relates to the death there last year of a Syrian woman called Malak Thawley. The woman entered the hospital for a routine operation to remove an ectopic pregancy. This procedure is not an abortion. It is a routine and safe procedure to remove an egg that has implanted outside the womb and is not viable. At some stage during the operation Malak Thawley sustained an injury to her aorta. This has never been satisfactorily explained. My concern is that a Syrian woman, married to an American, may have been murdered in an Irish hospital on the operating table. The excuse offered for her death are risible. The published sections of an enquiry into her death do not allay public concerns as to what happened in that operating room. Rhona Mahony as Master of the Maternity Hospital Hollis Street where Malak Thawley met her untimely death, has a duty in this matter. The libel laws prevent me from saying more.

5. I would note that the National Maternity Hospital Hollis Street has as titular head of its Board, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin whose bona fides I have expressed concerns about elsewhere. Needless to say there is no Catholic ethos at the Hollis Street facility.Archie has allowed authority at the National Maternity Hospital to reside with Rhona Mahony. She is styled Master of the hospital. For me, I would say Archie and Rhona Mahony are both much of a muchness ethos wise. I have no expectations of either of them and I am never disappointed.

6. It is ironic then that for two weeks a media pogrom has been orchestrated in the Irish Times, Independent Newspapers and RTE against the nuns who run the respected hospital Saint Vincents.

7. Rhona Mahony's brother in law Doctor Peter Boylan, also a Board member at the National Maternity Hospital Hollis Street, was the Trojan horse quoted in media reports warning that the nuns must not control the ethos of his hospital when the Maternity Hospital moved to the nuns hospital campus at Saint Vincent's. Boylan was the flag bearer for the overt act, the staged aggression which allowed Independent Newspapers to pretend there were public concerns about nuns running hospitals.

8. I am suggesting that this utterly invidious media campaign, (wherein people with no ethos, no principles, no morality, maligned the nuns and Saint Vincent's hospital for an ethos revering the sanctity of life and the dignity of the person), a campaign orchestrated in the Irish Times, Independent Newspapers and RTE by Rhona Mahony's brother in law Peter Boylan and latterly by other pro abortion pro sex change pro sterilisation pro death in test tube doctors from the National Maternity Hospital Hollis Street, I am suggesting I say, that this campaign represents an attempted hostile takeover by the anti Catholic anti life, abortionists of Rhona Mahony's disgracefully run and operated National Maternity Hospital Hollis Street where every unexplained death is explained with obscure references to a lack of resources, a hostile takeover no less by ethical and intellectual charlatans, of the much respected and trusted and humanitarian and venerable  Christian hospital run for generations on the highest medical and moral principles by the nuns of the Sisters of Charity at Saint Vincent's hospital Dublin. 

9. Attempting to up the ante, Peter Boylan has resigned from the Board of the National Maternity Hospital Hollis Street, saying he still fears the "ethos" of the Sisters of Charity will prevail when the Hollis Street hospital moves to the nuns' Saint Vincent's hospital campus. A man with no values at all will of course have many fears. The libel laws and my hope someday to be a Christian prevent me from saying more about Peter Boylan and his endless quest for an ethos that agrees with his anti life bigotries..

10. Peter Boylan now claims that his sister in law Rhona Mahony put him up to his present media campaign against the Sisters of Charity. He says Rhona Mahony explicitly asked him to lobby the government against the ethos of the Sisters of Charity.

11. Rhona Mahony denies inciting Peter Boylan to his present role in the media campaign against the Sisters of Charity.

12. Alone among the bankrupt liberal atheistic anti Catholic abortionist media groups in Ireland, the Irish Times has gotten scared with regard to the ramifications of the incitement to hatred its staff have helped unleash this week against the Christian faith in general  and against the Sisters Of Charity in particular. They are scared... perhaps a little by the lies they have told, perhaps a bit more by the reputations they have destroyed, and perhaps most of all by the sheer breadth of the inversion of truth that they have perpetrated on the peasantry. They are scared too because they're losing readers and because the whole campaign against the nuns was built on such a blatant travesty of reason; The risible notion that Peter Boylan and Rhona Mahony and the board of master abortionists at Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's charnel house of a hospital, might collude with the most anti Catholic media groups in Europe to displace the Christian ethos from Saint Vincent's, a hospital that's actually held in high regard all over the world and has been for a hundred years, is beyond crass.. It does not stand up to scrutiny that these incompetent amoral hounds, abortionist doctors and hedonistic media, should cast aspersions on anybody else's ethics or ethos. Desperately trying to cover themselves, Irish Times articles have rowed back from the more vitriolic elements of their part of the campaign. Amid their usual sea of tendentious propaganda, I spotted one article noting that the nuns have a right to their consciences too. It is too little and it is too late.

13. The ongoing smear campaign against the Sisters of Mercy has been crowned with reports in national newspapers that a hundred thousand people have signed a petition against the nuns retaining control of their own hospital. How strange that liberal left wing abortionist atheists always want to seize Catholic Church run hospitals. Just once I'd like to see a few liberal left wing abortionist atheists set up a hospital of their own and let's see if anyone ever goes to it let alone tries to seize it. Most media reports have not bothered to make clear that the unaudited unsupervised petition is an internet website which claims to have had a hundred thousand visitors. All of us who are involved in internet publishing, from the Irish Times to Independent Newspapers to my old employers at the Johnston Press to me, all of us know how a hundred thousand visitors are achieved on a website. You just press the Refresh Bar on your computer a hundred thousand times. That by the way, is why advertisers won't pay newspapers for advertising on their internet editions. Because there's nobody there. The preponderance of probability is that the much touted petition against the nuns was bogus. That is to say, it's not worth the paper its printed on. The signatures on the supposed petition are entirely unaudited. The bona fides of the compilers of the petition have not been subject to the merest scrutiny. I am suggesting that this is a typical internet put up job. The unaudited, unverified and unverifiable signatures merely represent the repeated pressing of refresh bars on a few activists' computers. There is absolutely no reason to believe the compilers of this petition possessed an even basic integrity in their attempt to manipulate public opinion by claiming to have obtained a hundred thousand signatures. These signatures are phantoms. In any case, the other five million people in Ireland have certainly not signed this or any other petition against the nuns whom we trust and love, having a say over the running of their own hospital.

14. The IRA's proxy parliamentary political party, styled Sinn Fein, have today secured the passage of a Motion in the Irish parliament calling for the Sisters of Mercy to be prevented from having control over the ethos at their hospital at Saint Vincent's. You heard me correctly. The murderous rackateers of the IRA have the gall to impugn the nuns' value system. And our eratz main stream politicians are supporting the IRA in this inversion of reality. You couldn't make this up. Let's be clear. The drug dealing, people trafficking, child abusing IRA mafia says it won't accept a Catholic ethos at a hospital established by the Catholic Church. And the conformist quisling parliamentarians of Ireland go along with it. These are dark days for Ireland.

15. Well gentle readers. That's all I got. Wait till you see the sort of hospitals the IRA will run if they ever manage finally to drive out the Christians. It will be just like our law courts, our trade unions, our media and our banks which the IRA infiltrated a generation ago. Hell will follow with them.

16. You do all realise we could stop this.


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