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Thursday, December 28, 2017

what prince harry didn't say in his christmas interview with former american president barack obama

President Obama's election slogan in 2008 was "Yes We Can," which I would suggest translates into plain English as "Flash Over Substance."
President Obama's appeal to the electorate hinged on a reverse psychology style slander of the electorate itself propagated consistently by his fans at media groups CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, the New York Times and the Washington Post, to wit: "Anyone who doesn't vote for Barack Obama is a racist."
President Obama's election as President of the USA was predicated upon a quisling, opportunistic, and adventurous criminalisation of his predecessor President George Bush which took place during war time and in a manner which emboldened our enemies the Jihadis for decades to come.
President Obama's financing, training and supplying of supposed rebel groups in Syria who turned out to be Al Qaeda, represented at best a monumentally incompetent act.
President Obama's precipitous withdrawal of the American army from Iraq left Iraq wide open for the five year death ride initiated by the Turkish backed Muslim Brotherhood Al Qaeda franchisee Isis resulting briefly in the creation of a new Jihadist caliphate, and culminating in what now looks like the ultimate domination of Iraq by Iran.


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