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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

points of contact between atheists and believers in god regarding the origin of the universe

There are some similarities in understandings advocated by those who believe in God and by those who are atheists in their scientific postulations as to how reality came to exist.
Most atheistic scientists seem essentially to believe the universe was created by an all powerful energy.
That is to say they believe that all the power in the universe came from a single point at the origin event they call The Big Bang.
But they do not accept that an all powerful energy, or Singularity, or wave fluctuating Multiverse, could ever do anything on purpose.
The believer in God says that the concept of an "all powerful" energy or wave fluctuation or eternal causal probability, (ie something that contains, or is the source of, all power, all essence, all time, all everything) may imply consciousness.
If something is all powerful, containing all the power that is or every was or ever will be, might it not also know things?
After all, we're conscious and we're not that powerful in the grand scheme of things.
So why not at least consider the possibility that the source of all energy, all light, all good jokes, etc etc, is at least as conscious of itself as atheistic biologist Richard Dawkins is of himself.
The Christian might say to the atheist: "You're right enough when you say an energy created the universe. But why do you presume to know the mind of that energy? How on earth have you established that the energy (or singularity or wave fluctuation or probability) that caused the universe has no mind?"
The discussion for us then goes to the ordered quality of certain mapped realities, a consideration of the consistencies we call laws of nature, a reflection on the staggering intricacies of cells and DNA molecules, an appreciation of the dignity of life and creatures, and a weighing of the testimonies of the Judaeo Christian tradition, all of which we suggest are pointing explicitly to God as an all powerful, all knowing, all loving, eternal creator.
There are still some atheistic scientists who advocate without blinking what they call the Steady States vision of the universe, saying the universe didn't come from anything, was never created, but simply eternally existed.
Bit like what I say about God really.


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