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Friday, April 13, 2018

a study in character

Quaffing a coffee in the Silverware cafe Newbridge.
A girl walks in.
I glance up.
She is quite striking.
I am thinking 'I know her,' and so look at her for a moment longer awaiting recognition.
She meets my gaze directly.
There is no rudeness or invitation in her eyes.
Her look tells me nothing.
But she does not look away.
I realise she is the socialite Amy Huberman, married to an Irish rugby player, and also famous enough for television and film work in Ireland.
Now she looks away.
She has done nothing wrong, no vanity, no badness in it.
And neither have I.
But I think I understand something.
This is a girl living a life where no one, but no one, who glances towards her by accident ever looks away before she does.


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