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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

rambles in eirinn

Walking through the churchyard.
I pass a young willow tree, tenuously waving.
There is a bronze plaque beside it.
The plaque proclaims:
"This tree was planted to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the ordination of Father Andrew O'Sullivan to the priesthood."
I smile ruefully.
What an odd thing.
Commemorating Father Andrew with a tree.
You might say, a tad inappropriate.
It would be like commemorating me with a statue of the Prophet Muhammed clutching a Quran and waving another two hundred thousand Muslim immigrants ashore while a group of drug dealing, people trafficking, child abusing IRA mafia controlled politicians applaud and distribute cocaine, porn videos and brothel work cards to the new arrivals of all age groups, simultaneously labeling as racist the sixty percent of the population of Europe opposed to the deliberate collapse of immigration law.
Father Andrew was innately hostile to trees.
Perhaps a tree bit him when he was a child.
In any case he became famous in our community for cutting down the hundred year old tree that had stood beside our church since it was built.
The liberals can never quite brings themselves to believe that anything older than Andrew's ordination is worth preserving.
Not our church.
Not our country's sovereignty.
And certainly not our trees.
They should have commemorated him with a bronze chainsaw.


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