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Thursday, June 13, 2019

the uncle jayums problem page

Dear Uncle Jayums.
Is the Irish Times really a newspaper of record? What does that mean if it is?

Dear Confused.
The Irish Times is indeed a newspaper of record.
It holds the record for advocating the most barbarisms over a five decade period of any publication in the history of newspaper journalism.
From rooting for the Russians during the Cold War, to justifying Chairman Mao's merciless enslavement of China, to legitimising African dictatorships, to abortion, to claiming Saddam Hussein was entitled to annex Kuwait, to euthanasia, to the IRA, to contraceptavist promiscuity, to assisted suicide, to telling kids they might be one of 57 different genders, to advocating mutilating sex change operations which don't work, to promoting the collapse of immigration law, to orchestrating media pogroms against the Catholic Church, to seeking to decriminalise mafias by legalising drug use, to denying the existence of a worldwide Muslim Jihad against the human race, to promoting conflict theory feminism, to insert name of barbarism here...
The Irish Times has rooted for them all.
In second place comes the hilariously named Independent newspaper group.
In third is the Irish national fraudcaster the Bolshevick RTE.
A lame fourth is the Beobachter Zeitung.
Uncle Jayums


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