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Monday, November 25, 2019

climate change me a river

The handwringers of bankrupt, anti Catholic, clapped out, State supported media groups, RTE, the Irish Times, and Independent Newspapers have out done themselves in an epic dirge of climate change bawls this week.
Get this.
They've managed to report Australian forest fires as resulting from climate change, even as the Ossies were rounding up the people who started the fires.
Those arrests seem to be of no interest to Ireland's hysteric climate change mongers.
So far this month at least three separate people have been found deliberately igniting mulitple fires at diverse locations in Australia, including a member of the fire crews supposed to be fighting the fires. The fire crew member has been caught starting at least seven of the blazes currently still being attributed to climate change by the geniuses of RTE, Independent Newspapers and the Irish Times.
The climate dunnit.
Even if the actual culprits were Al Qaeda.
The Freemasons.
Devil Worshippers.
Or Insert Name Of Favourite Secret Brotherhood Of Evil Here.
Ho hum.
Interestingly enough, back in 2002 the Irish Times could actually bring itself to report during a similar spate of arson induced Al Qaeda forest fires, that 21 people had been arrested starting the fires at multiple locations across the Australian outback.
But climate change hadn't been invented at that stage.
Hilarious no.
Yet more climate change bawls has accompanied this week's mild flooding in the Italian city of Venice. The seasonal inundation of Venice, a staple of human history for ten centuries, has brought forth the usual hystrionic handwringing from the usual suspects at RTE, the Irish Times, and Indescuzzdent Newspapers.
Oh the humanity.
No reportage that Venice has been sinking into the lagoon on which it is built, for centuries or that it floods all the time.
No exposition of the fact that the Italian State routinely gives Cosa Nostra and associated mafias contracts to build flood defences. No mention of the fact that the mafias' routinely don't build em.
How do you make a Venetian blind?
You don't mention the mafia when you're paying the mafia to build flood defences in Venice.
There's a joke there somewhere.
And it's on all of us.
Listen bold readers.
The real news story is that the Italian State is continuing to give flood defence contracts and contracts for everything else, to Italian mafias. The real news is that the money for the contracts is coming from the European Union. The real news is that Italian mafias are pocketing the money for flood defence contracts and everything else, and not doing the work, while the Italian government and its citizens seek massive insurance pay outs whenever the floods happen as they have inevitably happened in Venice for a thousand years. Everybody wins except the people who drown. This is the reason Venice keeps flooding.
It's also one of the reasons Italian bridges keep falling down.
(Other reasons for bridge collapses: Al Qaeda, Freemasons, Insert Name Of Favourite Secret Brotherhood Of Evil Here etc etc.)
Here is the news.
Venice will keep flooding until we anathematise the mafias.
You won't hear about it from the handwringers though.
Meanwhile back in Ireland media reports tell us that Judge Desmond Zaidan has been claiming in open court that speeding on the roads is the major crime of our time.
Other reports note that Government Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan has accused people of racism for being concerned about his systematic collapsing of immigration law.
Most tellingly of all, the Irish Independent has started lifting the idea of open letters to Judges from my website, instantly transforming a bright effervescent challenging form of advocacy into their own dry arsed appeal for a reduction in insurance claims awards.
**** me pink.
And while these handwringing bawls peddling goons continue their fervourless, courageless, posturing and preening, whether casually criminalising the citizenry as in Zaidan's case, or criminally concealing the collapse of immigration law through slander of public concerns about it in the case of Government Minister Charlie Flanagan, or just stealing my format ideas in the cases of the bankrupt, dessicated, clapped out, fooboon meisters of Independent Newspapers, RTE and the Irish Times, whether or which, while all this comic opera unfolds I tells ee, the IRA and their associated drug gangs who govern us from the shadows, have shot dead yet another fellow mobster in the streets of Dublin tonight.
The irony is screaming.


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