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Sunday, June 23, 2013

they came from the stars???

Tonight is the seventh anniversary of the largest ever UFO sighting in Ireland, often styled The Kilcullen Incident. For twenty minutes on the night of June 23rd 2006, reports flooded in to police stations and newspapers of UFO's being sighted across a hundred mile stretch of countryside, ranging through Counties, Kildare, Wicklow and Carlow. These images are considered by some to be similar to those of the Phoenix Lights sighting in the USA in 1997. Irish army experts insist that the Irish sighting consists of army parachute flares. As to why there had been no previous sightings involving army parachute flares, the experts are a little more reticent. A single subsequent sighting in July 2006 produced similar images and a similar explanation with the only difference being that the July Lights had a reddish hue. There have been no sightings since then. Apparently the Irish army hasn't conducted a night exercise in the past seven years.


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