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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

signs of the times

The noble Heelers is sitting in an alcove at the chateau browsing through a Christian magazine styled The Curate's Diary.
He is reading an article in which the editor of The Curate's Diary suggests that the lightning which struck the Vatican at the moment Pope Benedict resigned was a sign of God's power and support for his church through a time of transition.
Now this one is a pickle.
Well bold readers.
I don't know much about much.
Initially I thought the lightning strike had probably been faked by someone using the Photoshop computer programme in an attempt to make idiots out of believing Christians by having them speculate as I am now speculating.
But if it really happened.
Lemme tell ya.
If it really happened and if it really was more than just coincidence.
Here is the news.
The tradition among believing Christians is that lightning striking a church may be a sort of celestial tip off that the church is under attack by satan,
There is no real tradition of interpreting a lightning strike on a church as a thumbs up.
One recent precedent immediately springs to mind.
In the 1980's lightning struck Durham Cathedral in England after a curiously relativist cleric was appointed Bishop within the Anglican Communion.
The Bishop of Durham later revealed that he did not believe in Jesus as God.
He referred to the Resurrection as "a conjuring trick with bones."
As for the lightning strike on the Vatican.
If it really happened and if it was more than just a coincidence..
The smart money would be on it being a sign that the Christian Church itself is under renewed attack.


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