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Friday, June 21, 2013

today they said

Enda Kenny: "I am a Catholic. But I am not a Catholic Taoiseach."

James Healy: "Enda Kenny is wrong on both counts. He is neither a Catholic, nor is he a Taoiseach (ie Prime Minister) of Ireland. Enda Kenny is a Denis O'Brien-a-lic. And he is the Prime Minister of Denis O'Brien Land. That is to say although he is de facto Prime Minister of Ireland, he is so solely on behalf of Denis O'Brien. He is the Prime Minister who refuses to take action against Denis O'Brien on foot of a Judicial Enquiry which found that Denis O'Brien had founded his multi billion dollar fortune by bribing a member of Enda Kenny's Fine Gael party called Michael Lowry while Michael Lowry was a Minister in a previous Fine Gael government. Through million dollar bribes to Michael Lowry, Denis O'Brien was able to obtain, effectively free of charge, licences to provide mobile phone services in Ireland which should have cost him ten billion dollars. I kid you not. So Enda Kenny is the Prime Minister who protects Denis O'Brien's interests while impoverishing the nation. Enda Kenny is the Prime Minister who simply ignores the fact that his major sponsor Denis O'Brien obtained his multi billion dollar fortune by stealing it from the Irish people. Enda Kenny is the Prime Minister who refuses to arrest Denis O'Brien and seize the assets Denis O'Brien stole from Ireland. Enda Kenny is the Prime Minister who turns a blind eye to Denis O'Brien's infamous subverting of the Irish parliamentary system through inducements to Michael Lowry to give him mobile phone contracts for a few dollars that should have cost him a few billion dollars. And  Enda Kenny is the Prime Minister who used public money to nationalise collapsed gangster banks which had gone bust lending money to Denis O'Brien's so called Independent Newspapers company and having nationalised those worthless banks supposedly on behalf of you and me, and certainly using our money and our country's capital and borrowings drawn against the next hundred generations of our citizenry, to do it, Enda Kenny is the Prime Minister who then promptly permitted those same collapsed gangster banks to write off hundreds off millions of dollars that Denis O'Brien's Independent Newspapers company owed them. I kid you not. And Enda Kenny's inaction on all Denis O'Brien's myriad criminal activities, is the sole reason Denis O'Brien's bankrupt readerless anti Catholic Irish Independent Newspaper (part owned admittedly by another equally corrupt Fine Gael financier called Tony O'Reilly) prints a photograph of Enda Kenny every day and usually two or three, along with a folksy cartoon at least once a week and often two or three times a week, portraying Enda Kenny, this risible weak vacuous venal hairstyle of a man, as a Statesmanlike Prime Minister, a Taoiseach mar dhea, of the Republic of Ireland. I say it again. He is a Taoiseach of the Republic of Denis O'Brien. Nothing more. Nothing less. These people are reducing us to the level of farm animals."


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