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Monday, October 12, 2009

the empire goes bust

Declining sales being reported on all titles in Tony O'Reilly's Independent Newspapers stable.
The Evening Herald. The Irish Independent. The Sunday Independent. The Sunday World. The Daily Star.
They are sinking giggling beneath the waves.
Of course these are only official figures.
I suggest the truth is probably far more grim.
They have no readers.
It is instructive to remind ourselves of the one point five billion debt mountain these supposedly hugely popular titles now admit to.
We could all be the most popular newspapers in Ireland if the idiot banks were giving us 1.5 bill to play around with.
Hoo boy.
And then the reality check.
They have no readers.
For all their three decades of anti Catholic pro hedonism youth worshipping pap.
They have no readers.
And they think it's the internet that's to blame.
Nothing to do with their own incompetence or the fact that most of us wouldn't piss on them if they were on fire.
Hoo boy.
Their blatent sneer war against the Catholic church has been waged by Independent Newspapers without let or hindrance for thirty years.
The key to this strategy is shown by Independent Newspapers' malign misrepresentation of sex abuse.
By recycling continuously any case involving supposed Catholics, and ignoring the 99.99 percent of cases which take place in family households and in secular Health Board care institutions, Independent Newspapers, and its allies in RTE and The Irish Times, were able to create the viciously malign illusion that most sex abuse cases involved clerical people.
They didn't have to tell a single lie.
They just had to ignore 99.99 percent of the truth.
But people have figured them out.
And now the ship is going down.
Like the corrupt bankers of Ireland, the pseud managers of Independent Newspapers are possessed of a certain hubris.
They believe their own propaganda.
They believe their own falsified circulation figures.
Ah yes.
We can all circulate fifty million newspapers a minute.
But how many are we actually selling?
There are consequences for building your house on lies.
I certainly tried to warn them that if they were genuinely trying to destroy God's church, they would some day answer for it.
When they offered me an editorship ten years ago, I laughed in their faces.
(Ah Heelers it was only Ireland's Own. - Ed note.)
Still they continued to traffic in a most vile and sadistic, crass and mendacious propaganda.
Even in the past year, their febrile and cretinous journalistic staff have sought to outdo themselves in sneering at the faith of our fathers.
Ian O'Doherty falsely, maliciously, clownishly and perversely sneered in the Irish Independent that the Catholic church was a paedophile ring.
John Cooney in the same publication sneered goonishly, cretinously, crassly and blaphemously seeking to promote a boycott of the sacraments no less.
Kevin Myers, who is in my view the only vaguely honorable man among O'Reilly's crew of amoral dribblers, sneered copious quantities of anodyne atheistic school boy introspection deriding the possibility that the creator of the universe exists.
But Myers at least has integrity.
The others are worthless coward scum.
And why would we forget that Independent Newspapers which pretends to be so concerned about child abuse, has a partnership arrangement with British porn baron Richard Desmond in publishing The Daily Star.
A porn baron no less.
Bloody hell.
Yes, we're talking about the same Daily Star whose editor Ger Colleran falsely, malignly and maliciously claimed on national television that children had been screaming for help in every Catholic church presbytery in Ireland.
Colleran's paper publishes phone sex lines every day.
His boss is a porn baron.
Truly Colleran is a moral giant.
By which I mean he is a hypocritical fetid rapacious dishonorable dolt not fit to tie the shoelaces of the heroic Christians who founded, sustained and perpetuated our beautiful nation of Ireland and our magnificent sublime vibrant life affirming Irish culture through two millennia.
Two millennia of Christianity thrown away just like that.
And in just twenty years Independent Newspapers and their values and their O'Dohertys and their Collerans, have given us drug culture, porno culture, suicide culture, unprecedented levels of sex abuse culture, promiscuity culture, marital breakdown culture, abortion culture, bung the old folks into homes culture, crime gangs running the cities culture, one hundred and fifty thousand Muslim Jihadis with Irish passports culture, Michael Neary violating women on the operating table at Drogheda Memorial Hospital culture, corrupt politicians and judiciary culture, etc etc.
They haven't finished yet, you know.
But they've very nearly finished Ireland.
I wonder do the phone sex lines published in the Daily Star cause sexual disruptions in males and females, thereby leading to sex abuse.
I think they do.
All of them.
All the Independent Newspapers heroes.
But the Titanic is going down.
Their only hope now is that our corrupt kleptocratic Fianna Fail government will use tax payers money, ie borrowings, to bail out billionaire bankruptee O'Reilly and his coterie of grotesque hangers on.
I hope Fianna Fail which is currently trying to buy off the Green Party in order to retain power, does not compel the citizens of Ireland to borrow more billions to prop up Independent Newspapers and The Irish Times as it has done already to prop up its corrupt friends in the financial services and banking sectors.
Let Independent Newspapers sink or swim on their own merits.
They're already gone.
I note that Independent Newspapers token Catholic David Quinn has this week been urging Irish people to beware the wrath of God.
Oh Lordy.
Hilarious, no!
Quinn, you are working for a virulently atheistic anti Catholic newspaper group, the same organisation that sets Ian O'Doherty, John Cooney, Kevin Myers, and others of even baser intellect, and equally neglibible talent, discernment and humanity, sets them up I say, in judgement upon the ancient church and upon our ancestors.
Ah yes.
It wasn't our ancestors who spent the country into a third world debt.
It wasn't our ancestors who created a generation of corrupt thieving bankers, corrupt thieving Judges and legal professionals, corrupt thieving stock exchange executives, and a corrupt thieving middle class of morally bereft I-know-my-rights teachers, nurses, bus drivers, uncivil servants, cops and soldiers.
It wasn't our ancestors who corrupted the middle class with sex and payrises.
It wasn't our ancestors who debauched a generation of children with a cry of: "Oooh children are going to have sex anyway, so it's best to give em condoms," and then a few years later: "Oooh ten year olds are having sex so we'd best give them condoms too."
It wasn't our ancestors who betrayed God.
It wasn't our ancestors who failed to stand up to the O'Reillys for fear we mightn't look cool.
It was us Quinn.
Led by your newspaper.
They only pay you Quinn because you allow them to pose in plain sight as objective reporters of events, while they pursue their twisted irreligious vomitously evil agendas.
Wake up Quinn.
Pious inanities won't erase your collusion with this shower of venomous clowns.
I mean Ian O'Doherty, Quinn.
Is there any honour in working with Ian O'Doherty?
He called the Catholic church a paedophile ring Quinn.
Have you no shame Quinn?
If there was even an ounce of sincerity in your much vaunted claims to be a Christian, you'd get up off your knees, and repudiate the idolators who employ you.
Never gonna happen eh Quinn.
Because you're not a Catholic.
You're one of them.


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