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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

from the heelers emails

Heelers To Michael Appourchaux. (Actor)
Monsieur Appourshocks.
Juste une vite email pour te souhaiter une jambe brisee sur scene ce soir pendant ton spectacle at la Sorbonne. J'entends dire pas, bon chance. J'entends dire que je veux honnetement que tu brises ton jambe.
(Translation: Just a quick email to say "break a leg" on stage during your forthcoming show at the Sorbonne. I do not mean by this to wish you good luck. I mean I really am hoping you break your leg.)
Appourchaux to Heelers.
Sorry it went brilliantly. I did not break a single bone. A bit of work on your French might help with your next effort.
Michael App.

From: Antonella Gentile
To: Heelers.
You are too pushy. I don't want to hear from you any more. Sorry for beings so direct. I have your number. If I want to hear from you, I'll call you.
Antonella Gentile.

Heelers to Antonella...
Wohhh Dude.
Bloody hell.
I thought Gentile was supposed to be Italian for "nice."
I may have seemed a little anxious to contact you this week for three reasons. Firstly, I rather enjoyed meeting you. Secondly, a friend of mine wanted to talk to you about your Paypal interview. Thirdly, an editor at our newspaper is looking for a Personal Assistant and I thought you might be interested in the job.
Anyway from now on your life will be entering the broad sunlight unplands of peace, joy and fulfilment, at Paypal or Ebay or whatever call centre you're working in, without the burden of ever seeing or hearing from me again.
James Healy
Editor The Heelers Diaries
PS: I hope they shrivel up and fall off.

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Thursday, May 07, 2009 8:17 AM
Subject: Re: from Ireland

Hello James, thanks for your message, with reference to your friend Rowena and depression.   I suffered bad from depression when I was about 27 years old.   When the G.P. explained what the symptoms meant I realised I had those symptoms at the age of 8 yrs.old.   I was given medication which needed more medication for the side effects of the first medication.   I decided to throw away the medication, and have counselling.   The first counselling started at 36 years of age and lasted 2 years.   Two years ago I started counselling in Plymouth.   The first was 12 sessions over 6 months then a break for 12 months during which time I put into practice what I had learned from counselling.   Then I had another 12 sessions with a qualified counselor and put into practice what I had learned.   The second counsellor explained I was acting out learned behaviour, basicly I had developed ways to protect myself as a child but the problem was I was still using those methods to protect myself as an adult and it was'nt working.   When I met a psychiatrist at 27 years old in Ireland her first decision was to give me medication, when I met a psychiatrist in England she explained I had been told most of my life I was useless and an idiot and unfortunately for me I believed it.   If one is told often enough one is useless and that is all you hear then one will believe it.   She told me I did not need medication and organised counselling sessions for me.   Here in Plymouth it is possible to get 12 sessions of counselling from your GP's surgery.   Then you have to take a break and apply for more if needed.   The NHS pays for it so it is basicly free.   I believe that your friend may need medication, but perhaps she could be guided to counselling.   The counsellling will do her no harm, but there is a possibility that the medication will have side effects.   Of course I will pray for her the most important thing she needs right now are good friends around her who tell her constantly that she is a good person and a lovable person.   I learned through counsellling to love myself.  Not in a selfish way.   If one cannot love oneself one cannot love anyone else.   I read a lot of buddhist books and took pieces from them that helped me.   I did not want to become a buddhist.   I believe it is possible to learn from other religions.  As Catholics we are lucky to have the rosary if this prayer is offered for Rowena miracles will have to happen.   God bless for now I will keep both of you in my prayers ,I will go to Buckfast Abbey to light a candle for Sylvia today especially for her.  Please tell her an Irish man who doesn't know her is praying for her.  God bless for now your friend Jim Delaney.
----- Original Message -----
From: James Healy
Sent: 07 May 2009 00:54
Subject: from Ireland

Hey Jim.
Glad you liked the latest bit of waxing poetical!
I thought The Heelers Diaries needed lightening up.
Still teaching a few English lessons to overseas students in Dublin. Rather pleased with them. I could get good at this!
An acquaintance of mine called Rowena is having some problems at the moment. Her doctors have put her on medication for depression. She doesn't want to be on medication. I suspect she might be right. Other friends think she should take the medication no questions asked. But I think the answer is probably somewhere else.
If you're talking to the Lord put in a word for her Jim.
God's blessings to you.

Antonella to Heelers.
Oh James, you misunderstood me. I didn't mean to be offensive. I do want to meet you again. If you don't want to, I will understand.


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