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Thursday, November 12, 2009

fort hood

When Nazi Germany attacked the world in 1939, German agents in our countries were rounded up for the duration of the conflict.
Various terms were used to refer to our enemies.
The Nazis. Krauts. Huns. Boche. Sauerkraut Munchers.
And so on.
There was no policy of putting citizens on trial for being insensitive to Nazis.
There was no requirement to figure out the mindset and motivation of every single member of the SS before concluding that that person was a member of the SS.
There was no orgy of self questioning as to whether or not we had the right to fight back against the Nazis and to destroy them wherever they hid.
There was no tolerance for the likes of a Michael Moore, Noam Chomsky, John Pilger, or Robert Fisk.
Such Michael Moores, Noam Chomskys, John Pilgers and Robert Fisks as existed, were actually working for the Nazis and the Japanese in the guise of Lord Haw Haw and Tokyo Rose.
They were eventually executed by the Allies.
There was no tolerance for the notion that our enemies had rights to infiltrate, propagandise, sabotage or commit murder in our midst.
Consequently the Free World won that war.
When the Jihadis attacked the Free World on Nine Eleven, the pseudo intellectual elites who so often manipulate the reins of power in our society, warned us not to blame Muslims.
Our newspapers agonised over what terminology to use for our enemies before finally and traitorously deciding that our enemies were in fact President Bush and Prime Minister Blair.
An overweening incompetence prevailed among those in civil administration in the West. Guided by an ideology of infantile plush bottomed political correctness, the mandarins of civil power continued to permit massive Muslim immigration to our countries long after the open borders policy had fallen into disrepute among the general public.
There was a tremendous willingness on the part of those employed in the media to put Bush and Blair and our own soldiers on trial for any strong actions they had taken or thought to take against our Islamist enemies.
A self loathing, a cultural abnegation, took precedence.
Our soldiers went into battle with rules of engagement so restrictive that it was inevitable many would get killed.
Do you know, British soldiers on the battlefield in Afghanistan are not permitted to fire on Taliban terrorists carrying shovels even when those British soldiers have been under fire from those same Taliban terrorists moments before.
Just in case a lone Afghan farmer lost his bearing and found himself in the midst of the ambush.
The major Taliban Al Qaeda battle strategy is now to detonate a road side bomb, shoot a British soldier and then shoulder your shovel and walk away.
Scott free.
The shovel is a get out of death free card.
This is a recipe for disaster.
It will all end in tears.
Not that the Muslims will win.
But they've been allowed to make a ball game out of what should have been a cake walk.
Ultimately we'll defeat them.
But the eventual price is getting higher all the time due to the machinations of traitors on the home front.
I gotta tell you.
We made an awful mistake allowing political correctness to hamstring our soldiers.
We got into a boxing match with Al Qaeda when we should have simply exterminated them where they lay.
Cultural abnegation and self loathing, it was.
Not among ordinary people.
But throughout our declining media industry.
The Jihadis saw this self doubt and self loathing.
It gave them hope that the war could be won through CNN, Sky News and The Times of London.
These media groups have spent the years since Nine Eleven, attempting to criminalise our own leaders, bemoaning our meagre losses (losses which are infinitesimal when compared to those of any war in history), casting doubt on our capacity to win, sneering at the rightness of our cause, preventing proper scrutiny of the Muslims living in our midst, preventing public outrage from finding a focus when Muslims blew up trains or buses in Madrid or London or when Muslims tried to poison the water supply in Rome or when Muslims murdered a Dutch film director and a Dutch Prime Minister or when Muslims torched French cities or when Muslims beat a 19 year old Irish boy to death on Grafton Street Dublin, and generally just talking up our enemies till the cows come home.
If the Jihadis have shown us nothing else, they've shown us how divided we are against each other.
And they've shown us more.
They've shown us we are being ruled from unofficial lamp lit offices by Judges and Civil Servants who will never be accountable to the public for those of us their policies get killed, maimed or worse, ultimately enslaved to Islam when the infiltrators decide its time to go for broke.
Judges and Civil Servants whose insistence on permitting Muslim immigration while according legal rights and privileges to suspected Al Qaeda agents and their families and friends, has prevailed over the will of the general populace.
The Muslims know this because they've bought up many of those Judges and Civil Servants.
The culture of political correctness means that an infiltrating Jihadi will rarely be thrown out of our countries before he commits his massacres.
Mohammed Atta and several of the Nine Eleven murderers had been waltzing around America in a welter of suspicious behaviour before the attacks and yet they were permitted to stay and continue their preparations for slaughter.
They had insulted and derided American government officials at interviews whose contents have still incredibly not been fully reported.
Clinton Administration official Sandy Bergher was caught destroying documents in the national archives which revealed just how egregiously incompetent the Clinton Administration's handling of infiltrating Muslim terrorists had been.
Bergher got off with a plea bargain.
Interestingly enough the same Justice System sent Bush Administration official Scooter Libby to jail for a crime no one is able to specify.
We're divided against each other alright.
Well the Jihadis know it.
Every step of the way Mohammed Atta and friends were allowed to remain in the country.
They were actually questioned at Boston airport by security staff on the big day.
They were permitted to board those planes simply because of the perverse political correctness which has been propagated in our culture by unelected functionaries accountable to no one.
Political correctness.
You can't throw a Muslim off a plane just because he's Muslim and snarling like a mad dog.
That would be offensive to Muslims.
Better to let the 3000 people die in the Twin Towers.
Bloody hell.
This is insane.
Think of what Hitler could have done if this sort of idiocy had been in vogue in 1939.
Or Communist Russia in 1961.
We are a generation who has forgotten itself.
Those who are not willing to fight for freedom will lose it.
Political correctness.
A way of thinking that requires no thought.
You must never suspect a Muslim of being part of a Muslim terror army until he actually murders at least a dozen people and shoots forty more.
And even then as in the case of Hassan Malik at Fort Hood, the CNN's, Newsweek's, ABC's, NBC's, CBS's, BBC's, Irish Times's, Times's of London, Guardians, Le Mondes, Sky News's and Channel Four's of this world, even then they are still unwilling to see the psychopathic wood for the Islamic trees.
The Al Qaeda agent Hassan Malik infiltrated the American army, slaughtered thirteen soldiers and an unborn child while gaily shouting "Allah U Akbar," and the media are still debating what his true motivation might have been.
It's insanity.
This political correctness wasn't present in our culture in 1939.
But it's sure as hell here now.
And it's getting people killed.
The Muslim bombers who killed 200 people in Madrid had been stopped by Spanish police the previous evening for a traffic infringement.
I kid you not.
They were hostile and aggressive towards the officers.
The police did not detain them. The police did not take them in for questioning. The police did not check whether these Morroccan Muslim infiltrators were entitled to be in Spain. The police did not interrogate them to see if their aggression and hostility related to an intention to murder 200 people in the streets the next day.
The Muslims were released with a parking fine, and continued their terror operations as planned.
Here's an idea.
How about if any time a Muslim was rude to a police officer, we just sent him straight home to his own country, to Muslimia, or whatever bolt hole he crawled out of?
How about not according every terrorist the rights and privileges of honest citizens?
Just a thought.
In this time of Islamic World War, Muslims have been permitted to infiltrate our armies, our police forces, our airlines, our hospitals, and our security apparatus, as well as every other strand of our societies.
In this time when Al Qaeda, a cultural dysfunction emanating solely from Muslims and Islamic culture, threatens the freedom of everyone, (as truly as Nazism emanating from Germany did in 1939), in this time we have been compelled to accept ever greater numbers of Muslims in our midst.
Why are they here?
Why have we let them come here?
The Fort Hood massacre is just the most recent result of what is essentially a suicidal cultural self doubt on our part.
It's time to send the Mussies home.
Send them home.
Send them home to contemplate what they have lost and why they have lost it.
Maybe in a few centuries they will have grown up sufficiently to be allowed mix with decent people again.
Let the next generation decide that one for themselves.
Send the relatives and friends of Hassan Malik back to Palestine.
Let em contemplate the murders committed by their bastard son amid the perpetual squalor their own people have created for themselves in spite of limitless oil wealth throughout the Middle East.
Send them home to Allah.
All of them.


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