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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

the prime minister of australia apologises

Prime Minister Elmer Rudd of Australia apologised this week for what he said was the mistreatment of residents at State run institutions over fifty years ago.
Rudd's apology invented a whole new category of crimes ranging from "coldness" to "failing to provide love."
His apology was intended to imply blanket guilt for all those involved in the caring professions decades ago.
His apology is the latest and most blatent attempt by a leader in the present day to conceal currently sky rocketing levels of abuse, violence, murder of children in care institutions, rape of children in care institutions, exploitation of children for pornography in care institutions, suicide among children in care institutions and throughout society, compulsory incarceration of the elderly in care institutions, murder of the elderly in care institutions, torture of the elderly in care institutions, the debasement of an entire generation of young people through sex culture, abortion, life in test tubes culture, death in test tubes culture, promiscuity, revolving door prisons, drug culture, generalised criminal violence against the person culture, and the betrayal of the Free World to Jihadiism via turning a blind eye to the Muslim infiltration of our countries culture, all happening now, all abhorrencies that the present day generation is guilty of on a scale no generation before has ever seen, Rudd's apology conceals this while focussing attention on mostly imaginary crimes which he alleges were committed by members of the previous generation.
Rudd is the Al Qaeda favoured Prime Minister who pulled Australia out of the War On Terror when he stood for election on the appeasement ticket and recalled Australian troops from Iraq.
Rudd is the Prime Minister who is favoured by the Chinese Communist Party as a sound socialist who will acquiesce to China's dictatorship at every turn, never speaking out against Chinese use of North Korea as a province of China which retains vestiges of independence solely in order to plausibly threaten the West, never confronting China's sponsorship of Maoist terror armies in India and Nepal, never ever opposing China's support for the genoicidal (three million dead and counting) Arab Muslim psycho government in Sudan and its equivalent in other African countries.
Rudd is the Prime Minister who has failed to take action against the Al Qaeda members who set forest fires across Australia last year.
Rudd is the Prime Minister who has failed to deal with Al Qaeda's infiltration of maintenance crews at Qantas airlines.
Rudd is the Prime Minister so mired in his own delusional abnegations of the great humanitarian traditions of Australia and the Free World, that he is happy to kow tow to Nazis, Commies and Islamists while falsely and manipulatively inculpating those heroic people who lived lives of self sacrifice and service to the marginalised, he inculpates those decent honourable heroic people who worked for no financial reward in the orphanages and schools of Australia fifty years ago, he inculpates them in their old age, merely to allow a generation of scoundrels to feel good about themselves on the eve of their surrender to black Islamic night.
Rudd has indeed got something to apologise for.
But the apology he gave recently is not it.


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