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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

vultures circling at the circle k

John Fry Chief Executive Officer of the Johnston Press was brooding in his office.
A lacky entered with a gup of tea.
"Here's a cup of tea Guv," said the lacky ingratiatingly.
Lackies at the Johnston Press always try to be ingratiating with the Chief Executive du jour.
They wrongly believe it might save their jobs.
The lacky set the tea down on the table.
Suddenly Fry exploded.
Months of pent up frustration came out in a rush.
"He can't be stopped," he cried. "We bug his phones. We leave salacious remarks on his blog. We ask Richard Branson to sue him. He just keeps coming. Who is he?"
"He's like aff terminator Guv," murmured the lacky ingratiatingly.
John Fry favoured him with a look.
It wasn't pleasant.
"Aff terminator," stuttered the lacky nervously and still ingratiatingly. "You know aff terminator from aff Terminator movie."
John Fry's features contorted into a more contorted version of themselves than normal.
"Cor blimey," he roared with feeling. "Cor strike a light blimey."


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