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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

try this one on for pfizer

The Irish Times and The Irish Independent have been uncritically championing a new survey from pharmaceutical company Pfizer relating to sexual activity among school children.
I note that Pfizer has a vested interest in promoting sexual activity among such school children.
Only if the children are sexually active will Pfizer be able to sell them contraceptive pills, abortificients, and of course the mainstay of their profit margins, lotions and creams for sexually transmitted diseases.
Don't expect abstinence counselling from those selfless billionaire drug selling heroes of Pfizer any time soon.
Ah yes.
Putting the people who devised the fake swine flu epidemic in charge of teaching sexual morality to your children.
Here is the news.
This is the Independent Newspapers and Irish Times vision for your children.
Independent Newspapers and The Irish Times want to scourge the Catholic Church from the schools and thereby prevent your children having access to the enlightened and eternal values of Christianity.
Independent Newspapers and The Irish Times wish to replace the Catholic Church with Pfizer.
They want to replace Christians with pornographers.
The motivating factor for the alliance of dud journalists with dud pharma, is the fact that Pfizer and the other pharmaceutical giants all have million dollar advertising budgets to spend.
Morality for Independent Newspapers and The Irish Times begins and ends with revenue.
The godless alliance between Independent Newspapers, The Irish Times and amoral pharmaceutical companies, godless except for the fact that they worship hard cash and each other, means that all three are aligned in a malign attempt to debase the sexualities of children.
Get your money for nothing and debase kids sexualities for free, as the old Dire Straits song puts it.
Cost effective corruption of minors.
Isn't that right boys?
And don't it make you feel good.


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