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Sunday, March 28, 2010

mary mary quite a muslim

Ireland's President Mary McAleese last week told the Turkish government that Ireland favours Turkey's accession to full membership of the European Union.
Bloody hell.
Did I miss the memo?
Clearly Mary McAleese is either deluded, insane, or Turkish.
How did Mary McAleese establish her eroneous perception of the views of Irish people?
Certainly no political party has ever stood before the electorate on a platform of bringing 70 million Turkish Muslims into the European Union.
Mary McAleese herself never so much as mentioned Turkey when she was campaigning for the office of President.
It's interesting to note that for the past few years Turkey has been governed by an Islamist government.
A government that the Turks themselves consider extremist.
So little Mary McAleese was doing a bit of reaching out to the Al Qaedas.
Isn't she lovely.
I should point out that the Presidency in Ireland is purely a ceremonial office.
But that doesn't mean a cloth eared plush bottomed faux Catholic bint can't do a lot of damage by using the Presidency to advance views which most of us do not share.
I do not mean to be harsh on Mary McAleese.
She has a delightful sense of humour and a wonderfully girlish laugh.
Particularly when you tickle her toes with an ostrich feather.
In any case for all my Turkish readers who may have been misled by Mary McAleese's febrile maunderings, here is the news.
I do not favour Turkish accession to the European Union.
Turkey in common with the rest of the Muslim world is in the grip of a deep societal dysfunction whereby its Islamist young men believe they are somehow entitled to murder human beings at will.
Only a blinkered liberal twit like Mary McAleese could seriously contemplate inviting 70 million of them into Europe.
The Islamist dysfunction projecting itself outwards from within Muslim cultures, now threatens the entire planet.
Ireland does not favour EU accession for Turkey.
Nor does Ireland favour Muslims being permitted to smuggle themselves into our country through Jim Mansfield's airport and declare themselves citizens.
These people need to be sent home to their glorious free Muslim lands to contemplate at leisure what they have lost and why they have lost it.
Send them home.
All of them.


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