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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

letter to bishop jim

Bishop Jim.
You should never have resigned.
The church will not be renewed by bowing to its oppressors.
These people in The Irish Times, Independent Newspapers, RTE and The Daily Mail who have contrived guilt against you, are charlatans and murderers.
Their murder of reputations is no less a murder for being a more cowardly form of murder than that practised by persecutors of the church in the past.
You will be their accuser on judgement day.
Their treatment of you has been invidious, malicious and malign.
Their ascription of guilt to you was utterly false and unjust.
Their gleeful sneers were the sneers of satan.
The media are using the contrived retrospective ascriptions of guilt in feminist atheist Judge Yvonne Murphy's false manipulative inuendo laden report into the church's handling of old child abuse cases, as a justification for their witch hunts.
The media are persecuting the church and they need scalps.
There was no other motivation for their treatment of you.
You knew my advice Jim.
Never apologise.
Because the right sort of people don't want an apology.
And the wrong sort of people will misuse one.
James Healy


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