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Friday, April 16, 2010

an open letter to archbishop diarmuid martin

Hey Archy.
Just wondering about a few things.
Since we know that Soviet Russia was in the practice of infiltrating communist agents into the Catholic Church all over Europe up until the early 1990's, do you think it's possible any such agents found their way to Ireland?
Do you think it's even remotely possible that any such agents didn't find their way to Ireland?
Were you at any time part of a secret clique, styling itself a liberal progressive organisation, and propagating itself surreptitiously within the structures of the Vatican diplomatic corps?
Do you and your brother Seamus, the atheistic communist former political editor of the Irish Times, share any views, say on the existence of God and on the historical inevitability of worldwide Communist dictatorship?
Why does Joe Little, RTE's religious affairs correspondent, who despises the Catholic Church and who formerly worked as an agent for the Soviet Union in seeking to subvert democracy in the Republic of Ireland, why does Joe Little give you such a good press?
Why does John Cooney of Independent Newspapers, the oleaginous apologist for abortion culture, condom culture, and life in test tubes culture, who worships only Tony O'Reilly and loathes the Catholic Church with a hatred that is palpable, why does John Cooney give you such a good press?
Why does Patsy McGarry, the self desribed atheist, who is religious affairs atheist for the Irish Times, why does Patsy McGarry give you such a good press?
God is on the side of the big newspaper groups, eh Archy?
James Healy


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